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We value our students. Our faculty and staff work hard to make you feel welcome. So whether you're the first one in your family to go to college or you are retooling for a new job, you'll find VU a place to call home

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Amazing opportunities make the Vincennes University experience unbelievable. For information on how to apply please visit our Admissions pages.

College can be expensive. Financial Aid can help. There are many ways to receive financial aid. Institutional scholarships, outside scholarships and filing the FAFSA (it's free!) are all ways to ensure you're doing all you can to help off-set the out-of-pocket expenses. Indiana residents should remember that while the FAFSA may be filed 365 days a year, the deadline for state money (Indiana grants) is March 10 - each year. The FAFSA must be completed each year to receive financial aid for the following year. All students should file the FAFSA. It's free and Student Stafford loans and Parent PLUS loans are all tied to the FAFSA and the Department of Education. To make it easier, here are some Tips and Tricks (a.k.a. Filing the FAFSA) AND a financial aid checklist to keep you on task!

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