American Sign Language

This program is only offered at the Indiana School for the Deaf located in Indianapolis.

American Sign Language is now the second-most-studied language at the two-year institutions in the United States.  The Vincennes University American Sign Language Program offers high quality ASL curriculum. There are students with many different goals who come to our program. Some students complete their first two years at VU, receive an A.A. degree in ASL and then continue to obtain their bachelor’s degree in different fields, such as Interpreter Education Program at IUPUI, Deaf Education at the Ball State University, or Speech Pathology at the Purdue University.  Some students already have a career in place and they take some courses at the VU ASL program to gain ASL skills and Deaf culture knowledge in order to communicate and work closely with Deaf people at different venues in the civic service.  Some students graduate from the VU ASL Program and get a job right away working with Deaf people. VU ASL program offers a lot more than just getting a two year A.A. degree, we go beyond by encouraging our students to become part of a vibrant community by working with both Hearing and Deaf people together. 

Critical Elements of Learning

ASL is taught at the Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD) in Indianapolis. Three critical elements comprise a truly innovative program:

  1. Frequently and continuous exposure to the native language of the deaf population
  2. High quality curriculum which is up to date with national standards.
  3. All ASL instructors are Deaf, native signers of ASL and are highly trained in teaching ASL.

Completing Your Baccalaureate Degree

After completing their first two years at VU, our students can continue their study at either IUPUI, Purdue University, or Ball State, and many others depending on the Bachelor’s degree they feel best fits their goals.  

Our schedules are flexible as we offer morning, afternoon and evening classes to accommodate various students’ schedules. 

Dr. Cynthia Sanders, VU Chair of the ASL program

Jennifer Smith-Secretary 

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Mission Statement and Program Outcomes