Parking Permits

Parking permits for students can be purchased by going to

The price of the permit is $30.00 per vehicle. Each vehicle is required to properly display a permit in the lower driver's side corner of the front windshield. The permit should be placed in the windshield of the primary vehicle driven and parked on University property. The permit does not need to be moved from vehicle to vehicle.  The information needed to purchase a permit is your license plate number, type, make, model, color, year and state for each vehicle you will be driving to campus.

After registering for a permit online, print the receipt and place it on the dash of the vehicle until the actual permit is received in the mail usually in 5 to 7 business days.  This will verify that a permit was purchased for your vehicle. 

If while parked on University property and a violation is placed on your vehicle, you must do one of the following: 

  1. Pay the fine. To avoid further penalties and resolve this, you must pay the fine by the fine due date.  Pay ONLINE at the website listed above.
  2. Contest.  Wait 24 hours from time of issue, then you must do the following by the due date on the front.

        a. Go online to the website on front and fill out the appeal form. You will resolve a confirmation of your appeal filing and decision via email.

If you fail to respond, one or more of the following actions will occur.

        a. A withholding of your next vehicle registration
        b. A civil judgment issued against you
        c. An additional fine/penalty will be added to the original fine/penalty amount

Below is the valid drivers form.  If your drivers license has expired, then a copy of the updated license with the new expiration date will need to be brought into Campus Police and then the Physical Plant will be notified of the update. If you print the attached form, fill it out and you can fax it to our office at 812-888-5144.