Tuition and Books

Vincennes University continues to offer the lowest tuition of any residential college in Indiana. Plus there's no additional freshman fee. Our fees for parking, technology, and capital improvements are extremely reasonable. Add modern facilities, a new fitness and aquatic center, and faculty whose primary responsibility is teaching, and you have Indiana's best bargain in education.

So... the parent's most asked question... how much?

For 2014-2015, tuition is $164.74 per credit hour for Indiana residents. A typical schedule is 3 credits per class and 5 classes per semester. 15 credits X $164.74 = $2471.10.

Junior and Senior level courses tuition for Indiana residents is $190.28 per credit hour. For more information see the attachment at the bottom of the page. Therefore, 15 credit hours equals $2854.20

Room and Board - Available only on the Vincennes Campus
This includes rent, utilities and food.

Additional Expenses
Books and supplies = $575.00 per semester - estimate only (not a billable charge)
Student activities fee = $116.00 per semester
Parking per year = $30.00 for the academic year

Now, we know that's a lot of money. We work hard to make that affordable. This is where you can start subtracting amounts. Take off your grant money, scholarships, and financial aid packages. Once that's done, we can look at loans and payment plans. Our financial aid experts are here to help every step of the way.

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