Mary Bowen, Professor

Mary Bowen has been a Professor in the Administrative Office Technology Department at Vincennes University for over 30 years. Ms. Bowen received her BS degree and MS degree in Business Education at Indiana State University. She is currently Microsoft certified in Word and PowerPoint and is responsible for teaching courses in Office Management, Transcription, Medical Terminology, Keyboarding, Word, PowerPoint, Records Management, and Professional Business Image. She was selected as a recipient of the Peer Award at Vincennes University in 2013.

Advises: Business Office Management Technology Degrees & Medical Concentration

Mary Bowen, Professor
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Greg Hirsch, Assistant Professor

Gregory J. Hirsch, CEH, is an Assistant Professor of Information Technology and joined Vincennes University in 2014. Greg brings with him over 15 years of IT experience from the corporate world and incorporates this knowledge into student learning in the classroom. The majority of his work experience is in Network Administration and Security that includes implementing, securing, supporting and enhancing WAN/LAN networks, wireless networks, DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory. Greg has additional enterprise level experience working in Citrix, Exchange Server, Windows XP/7/2003/2008/2012 R2, Network Appliance storage systems, VMWare, Cisco, and Disaster Recovery. Greg holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, an Associate degree in Computer Information Systems, and a Master of Business Administration degree.

Advises: IT Support and Cyber Security Degree, Homeland Security Information Security and Assurance Degree

Greg Hirsch, Assistant Professor
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Jaci  Lederman Assistant Professor, and Department Chair

Jaci Lee Lederman, PMP is the Assistant Professor of Information Technology, joined Vincennes University and the world of academics in 2011. Jaci brings her twenty years of experience working in the Information Technology industry, into the classroom. Her work experience spans from software development, to executive I.T. Management. Jaci helps students understand the importance of successful technology integration into any organization. Jaci has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming, a Bachelors of Science in Business Management, and a MBA with a concentration in Information Technology Management.

Advises: Information Technology Degree, Computer Programming, Technology with concentration in IT Degree

Jaci Lederman, Assistant Professor
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Troy Schotter, Assistant Professor

Troy Schotter is a Assistant Professor of Information Technology, with a primary focus of programming and game development. Unsure of which specific field of ‘computer nerd’ he wanted to be, Mr. Schotter graduated from Vincennes with three Associates degrees. Information Technology, Computer Programming and Game development. Troy Schotter continued onto Indiana State University and graduated with a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

Advises: IT-Programming and Game Development Degree, IT-Web Design Degree

Troy Schotter, Assistant Professor
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Clubs and Organizations

Vincennes University's Information Technology Department has three Organizations that allow Students to not only socialize connect with like minded associates in their field of study, but also gives them hands on training. whether they are gaining valuable experience helping non-profits in the IT-Hack events, learning the ins and outs of Windows servers in the Black Hat Wars, or Socializing all night at a Campus LAN party, The Information Technology Department has a club that service students as well as the community.



The VU IT-Lead is responsible for hosting the VU-Hack events on campus. Members of the IT-Lead locate local non-profit organizations that have a need of a website, application, or other IT related problem and offer assistance. During the VU-Hack event, members work in small groups trying to find the best solution to the non-profits problem. At the end of the event, the solutions are reviewed by a board of judges, and the best solution is chosen.

Students who participate in the IT-Lead gain hands on experience in Computer Programming, Information Technology, Web Design, Game Development, as well as Collaboration with other IT Majors. Experience in the IT-Lead not only improves the community but gives Students valuable Training for a Carrier in Information



C.C.I. – Cyber Crime Investigators

The Cyber Crime Investigators Club hosts the Black Hat Wars, Bot Wars,  and Cyber Security Awareness seminars. The Black Hat Wars is an event where Members group up and compete in order to break into Local Servers in the VU Secure Data Center. Members are given a list of tasks to complete in order, to bypass Windows security practicals,  and Allow themselves access on a secure server. Members learn the vulnerabilities of the Windows servers and how they can circumvent these vulnerabilities in future carriers. C.C.I. is also hosts LEGO© Bot Wars. Members combine Programming and Engineering Skills to design and Implement Robots built for specific task. These Bots are taken to competitions around Indiana to compete with other College. C.C.I. Awareness Seminars teach individuals without much knowledge of computers inner workings the fundamentals online safety in the workplace. Members of the C.C.I. help future professionals safe guard against, phishing attacks, scams, and viruses.



learn more about Cyber Security Awareness at Secure VU


C.G.C. - Campus Gaming Club

The Campus Gaming Club hosts the Campus LAN parties as well as the Gamification Projects. The LAN parties is a twelve to twenty four-hour event were members compete in various Local Gaming Tournament throughout the night.  The C.G.C. also comes together to plan, create programs and applications that give insensitive to students to complete school projects through gamification.



Campus Gaming Club's Site

C.G.C. Facebook Page


Other Links

Vincennes University Information Technology Facebook Page our unofficial secondary site


To meet the demand for IT Professionals, the (IT) Information Technology Department at Vincennes University offers a variety of degree options for aspiring Information Technology Professionals. Students can choose from Baccalaureate Degrees, Associates Degrees, and Certificate Degree Programs.

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The Information Technology field requires highly skilled workers who are trained and educated in a wide variety of skills.


Vincennes University offers B.S. degrees in the following:


Vincennes University offers A.S. degrees in the following:

Technology Bachelor of Science

VU offers Baccalaureate programs, which are available to students with an A.S. Degree in IT, Computer Programming, Administrative Office Tech, and IT Support and Cyber Security

The Baccalaureate of Technology with a concentration in Information Technology enhances student skills in their areas such as Project Management (using the PMI®.org), Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, ERP and Business Systems (using SAP® Academic Alliance), Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (using SAP® Academic Alliance), and Ethical Hacking (using EC Council© - Fall 17).

Students in the degree program complete an IT Internship that incorporates skills obtained in both the A.S.Degree, and B.S. Degree. Students completing this degree option, are ready to make a positive contribution to their organization day one of their job!

This Degree option is ideal for students wanting to work in a variety of Information Technology Jobs such as: Computer Programmer, Systems Developer/Analyst, Information Technology Support Technician, Network Administrator, Business Analyst, Project Coordinator, Data Warehouse Administrator.

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Homeland Security Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Public Safety is designed to provide students who have completed an Associate degree in Information Technology or IT Support and Cyber Security, the opportunity to complete an advanced inter-disciplinary Baccalaureate degree. Graduates will have extensive knowledge in two or more career fields, improving their employability by meeting entry-level requirements in those career professions. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers in an ever-changing society that demands and requires public safety accountability and a focus on cyber security.

This Degree option is ideal for students wanting to work in Information Technology Jobs where organization security, including cyber security are a primary job responsibility such as: Network Administrator, Cyber Security Analyst, Security Specialist, or IT Technician.

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Computer Programming Technology

As a graduate of Vincennes University's Computer Programming Technology program you will have the skills required of a computer programmer or systems developer/analyst. In this degree program you will develop several types of software applications, including computer games, and business applications. All industry relevant platforms and operating systems such as, iOS, Android, Java, Visual Studio.NET, ASP.NET, PHP, as well as various database and cloud platforms are used in the classroom to develop applications.

networking concentration available at the Jasper Campus

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IT Support and Cyber Security

In the IT Support and Cyber Security program students will learn how to implement both Information Assurance and Cyber Security solutions to protect information systems from threats such as malware, social engineering, phishing attacks and Cyber Attacks. Students of this program will work in a real hands-on data center with state of the art technology to learn how to secure devices on a LAN, how to protect information systems from Cyber Threats, administer servers and how to build, repair, and troubleshoot computers and servers.

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Information Technology

As a graduate of Vincennes University's Information Technology Degree program you will understand the concepts of information technology including hardware, software, networks and security. Whether you have chosen to pursue a career in programming, network administration, or cyber security this degree will prepare you for a successful career in IT.  Graduates of the Information Technology Degree Program may transfer into the following Vincennes University B.S. Degree Programs: Technology with a concentration in Information Technology or the Homeland Security and Public Safety with a concentration in Cyber and IT Security Degree Program.

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IT - Programming and Game Development Concentration

The Game Design Concentration focuses of Game Theory, Object Oriented Programming, as well as 2D and 3D modeling and animation. Students will be educated in the life-cycle of game development, how to create and maintain video games on multiple platforms, as well as how to publish and market applications. Students will be introduced to popular and industry-standard tools such as GameMaker, Unity, Blender and 3ds Max. Upon completion of the program, students will also be required to create their own project using the skills acquired from completing the major courses.

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IT - Web Page Design Concentration

The Web Design Concentration focuses on Web Structure, Graphic Design, and Database Management. Students will be introduced to the dynamic languages and applications needed for creating responsive web content. Along with an introduction to basic programming concepts, students will also undergo training in graphic design and be encouraged to explore the artistic design aspects of front-end development.

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Business Office Management Technology

An A.A.S. degree from Vincennes University in the Business Office Management Technology prepares students for immediate entry-level employment in an exciting, high demand area.  In small towns across the nation, as well as larger cities, businesses need well qualified office workers to take care of the day-to-day needs of their operations.  Every day in this profession is unique.  The demand for graduates is expected to remain high through 2020.

Business Office Management Technology focuses on Accounting, Business Law topics, Web Page Design as well as the basics such as Records Management, Voice Recognition Software, and Office Management.

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BOMT-Medical Concentration

The Medical Concentration focuses on Medical Terminology, Transcription, and Insurance Billing.  Students taking courses at the Vincennes campus also will have the benefit of using All Scripts medical software learning how offices do their patient scheduling and billing.

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TSAP Transfer Degree Programs

By completing one of these degree programs you will be eligible to transfer to ANY public four-year institution in the state of Indiana. You will be transferred in with junior status once you are admitted to that college or university.

Transferable Degrees

  • Computer Programming
  • Information Technology
  • Information Technology- Programming and Game Development Concentration
  • Information Technology- Web Design Concentration

Bureau Of Labor and Statistics

Mission Statement and Program Outcomes

Computer Programming Database Gainful Employment Information

General Clerical Gainful Employment Information

Medical Clerk Gainful Employment Information

Programming and Game Development Gainful Employment Information

Virtual Assistant - Gainful Employment Information

Web Programming - Gainful Employment Information

Web Publishing and Design - Gainful Employment Information

Web Site Development for e-commerce - Gainful Employment Information

Vincennes University is a proud member of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.