Toyota Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program

Toyota AMT program

What is the AMT Program?
The Toyota Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program (AMT) includes a two-year degree in Computer Integrated Manufacturing: Robotics that combines cutting-edge curriculum, paid working experience, along with learning highly sought-after business principles and best practices of a world-class manufacturer. Interested applicants should complete both the Toyota AMT application, as well as the Vincennes University application. Please select the Computer Integrated Manufacturing: Robotics (8480) program on your VU application.

What Makes the AMT Program Different?
Students earn a wage while attending college and gain priceless work experience with a global manufacturing leader. Over two years, students can earn as much as $30,000 in salary, which with planning can cover all of a student’s education expenses. There are also potential grants and financial aid.

What About After Graduation?
While not guaranteed, those graduates hired by Toyota have the potential to earn as much as $64,000 yearly, plus excellent benefits. Other manufacturers seek professionals with this level of experience and training, plus graduates may pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in fields such as engineering, technology, or business.

For more information, please contact Timothy Hedrick at or 812-888-4421.