Admission Requirements for Transfer Students

Applicants must have left any previous colleges on good terms (not expelled due to lack of academic progress or disciplinary action) and, if requested, must present evidence of withdrawal in good standing from the prior college. If an applicant indicates a suspension or expulsion from another college, a form of explanation must be completed. Applicants who do not meet this standard and wish to appeal may do so through the Office of Admissions.

Transfer applicants may be admitted by meeting the admission requirements under Admission for Degree-Seeking Students or by providing an official transcript (transcript mailed from another college or university directly to Vincennes University) from each college attended, showing evidence of honorable release for a minimum of 24 post secondary college credit hours. Grades below C- may not be transferred for credit.

Transfer applicants will be considered for freshman through junior status in Vincennes University's Teacher Education baccalaureate programs dependent on application review and academic credentials as outlined on the respective curriculum pages. Transfer applicants for junior status in Vincennes University's Nursing, Homeland Security, and Technology baccalaureate programs must submit documentation (an official transcript from the degree-granting institution sent directly to the Registrar of Vincennes University) of a completed associate degree in one of the "feeder" programs designated within the curriculum pages of those programs. Both native and transfer applicants who are within six hours of their associate degree completion may conditionally begin their intended baccalaureate program if the remaining courses are not prerequisites for the courses to be taken in that first semester; conditionally admitted students must complete those remaining credit hours by the end of their first semester as juniors. If the courses involved are sequential and not prerequisites to courses required in the first two semesters of the program, students will have two semesters to complete the missing hours.

Entrance into all baccalaureate programs requires at least a 2.0 G.P.A. in lower division courses. Some programs, like the Teacher Education programs, will require at least a 2.75 G.P.A. for program admission.

Credit Transfer
Unofficial transcripts are accepted for admission, however, you must have your previous college send us a copy of your official transcript via Parchment or by mail before courses will be evaluated for transfer.

Credit Transfer Policies
Credits toward completion of a degree will be accepted from colleges that are accredited for transfer by a regional accrediting association.

  • VU will evaluate courses in which grades of C- or higher have been earned.
  • If a transfer course is basically the same as a VU course, but the hours differ, VU may accept hours not applied to that course as an undistributed elective.
  • The division dean may authorize waiver of a required course when more than half of the hours of the course are being accepted as undistributed elective transfer hours.
  • In addition to transfer credits, students may earn advanced placement through standardized testing.
  • Transfer students may earn academic credit from CLEP, USAFI, ACT PEP or DANTES courses or tests.
  • Transfer students may earn academic credit for service school courses and military science credits.

Criteria for Transfer Decisions
The criteria Vincennes University uses when accepting and applying transfer credit include:

  • The similarity of the course content as determined by the academic department most knowledgeable about the technical content.
  • How appropriate the incoming course will be in the student's major. A valid disciplinary course that has no specific Vincennes University course equivalent may be assigned undistributed elective credit in the appropriate department. Undistributed elective may apply to a major as an elective or as a major course requirement. A course may be equivalent to a Vincennes University course but it may not be applicable to the student's major.
  • An on-going assessment of the success of students in subsequent courses that are related to the course being transferred to Vincennes University. This assessment becomes a measure of the quality of the incoming course.
  • Vincennes University complies with guidelines of the Higher Education Transfer Alliance (HETA) with is a voluntary group organized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

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