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Blazer 91.1 WVUB is the only 50,000 watt station in Knox County, pumping out music you’ll love.  We reach an audience all over a 50 mile radius and beyond.  WVUB was recognized as Station of the Year by the Indiana Broadcasters Association in 2008, and received the Community Service Award from the IBA in 2009. 

In your second year, you’ll have the opportunity to audition for an on-air shift, and will work in other aspects of station operation.  You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in remote broadcasts for the station.  Your #1 Hit Music Station is Blazer 91.1 WVUB!



Vincennes University Broadcasting is pioneering cutting edge technology by investing in and promoting HD (hybrid digital) radio technology. Our multi-cast project includes two additional radio formats being streamed in HD at 91.1 and on-line at wvubhd.com.

Blazer Jazz (91.1 WVUB-HD2) features a mix of Smooth Jazz and Pop/Rock Artists to form a “soft blend” similar to what you would hear on a Major Market Smooth Jazz Station. In addition to local news, weather and sports, Blazer Jazz features hourly updates from National Public Radio. Student involvement with Blazer Jazz includes producing promotional and public service announcements. Students and Faculty have also recorded long form programming for broadcast, including the Blues Night program with the VU Music Department.



Blazer Bilingue (91.1 WVUB-HD3) broadcasts both English and Spanish programming, including news and talk programs. Blazer Bilingue features a combination of Regional Mexican and Latin music. Designed in part to bridge the gap between the Hispanic and non-Spanish speaking population, Blazer Bilingue is the only bilingual radio station in Southwestern Indiana/Southeastern Illinois. Bilingual students have been involved in recording promotional and public service announcements. Students were also included in a panel to discuss the launch and promotion of Blazer Bilingue.