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To help your academic success, the business tutoring lab is available and free for students. Every piece of software you need for class is installed including Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, QuickBooks, and SAP. The business tutoring lab is open daily Monday through Friday and limited evening hours.

Tutors work one-on-one, in small groups, or in larger study groups.  Professors also often hold tutoring/study sessions.  

The business tutoring lab is in room 219 of the Wathen Business Building. Here you will find:

  • 40 computers
  • printers,
  • scanners
  • a staff of peer tutors,
  • and full-time lab coordinator and tutor. 

Tutoring is a possible employment opportunity for you if you are proficient in your business studies and approved by the professor of the related courses you will tutor.  

Business Administration

Available on Vincennes and Jasper campuses and online.

The Business Administration program prepares students for transfer to four-year institutions with a solid base in general education and business.  The students complete the first accounting, business law, economics, and statistics classes in small classes with instructor interactions.  Students completing the Business Administration degree transfer 60 hours into their chosen four-year institutions and enter the programs at junior-level standing.  All Indiana State supported institutions and various private schools throughout Indiana accept our program as a whole composite of the first two-years completed.

Students interested in specializing on the bachelor level in programs like these should enroll in this program:  

  • Accounting 
  • Finance 
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Supply Chain Logistics 
  • International Business
  • Public Relations
  • Law
  • Hospital Administration 

Why VU? 

  • Challenging academic programs to well prepare the student for transfer 
    The classes at VU are rigorous courses that definitely prepare students to be successful upon transfer. The faculty work closely with the four-year schools to ensure the material taught in our classes aligns with the material taught on four-year schools campuses so the course content and rigor is at the same level as a four-year school.  Thus, when the student transfers they are prepared to assume the workload required by the four-year institution. 
  • Undecided on a major  
    VU is a great place to explore at a low cost.  The curriculum at VU explores all the major functions of business so the student can choose an area of interest to further pursue on the bachelor level.  Also, the center for career and employer relations provides testing to determine areas of strengths/interest with career paths.  
  • Numerous Scholarships

  • Free Tutoring
    VU provides free tutoring opportunities and faculty who are available outside of class to assist with student’s studies.

  • Opportunities for Involvement
    •  Student trustee
    •  Alpha Beta Gamma Honor Society
    •  Student Ambassadors
    •  Student tutors
    •  Campus Activities Board
    •  Internships 

  • Credentialed Full-time Faculty
    Vincennes University classes are taught by full-time, experienced faculty who are on campus to offer support to the students.  The faculty bring real world experiences into the classroom their prior work experience but also hold credentials to teach at the college level.  
  • Focus on Active Learning
    VU provides hands-on learning, try to make as real-world as possible to engage the students in an active learning environment. 

    •  Students manufactured skateboards to apply costing concepts.
    •  Publicly traded company annual reports are analyzed to apply financial accounting concepts. 
    •  Internal control examination of students current place of employment to identify weaknesses in businesses. 
    •  Capstone project simulation brings all facets of business together to run a manufacturing business. 

    •  Law students attend court cases to see first-hand how the court system operates.  
  • Assistance with Credit Transfer

    For more information contact:
    Jennifer Pacheco
    Program Chair

Learn more about the required courses for this major

Mission Statement and Program Outcomes

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Coaching, Creativity and Passion – OH MY!

It is often said that the majority of people don’t quit their job, they quit their boss. The Huffington Post recently ran an article titled “9 Things That Make Good Employees Quit” (Bradberry, 2016). This article discusses the top things that managers do that make good employees want to leave a place of employment:

  1. Managers overwork people
  2. They don’t recognize and reward good employees for all that they contribute to the team
  3. They don’t know how to show that they care about their people – balancing being professional and showing genuine concern for people
  4. They don’t honor their promises/commitments
  5. Hiring and promoting the wrong people
  6. They don’t allow their employees to pursue their passions within the work environment
  7. They fail to develop employees’ skills
  8. They fail to engage employees and empower them to use their creativity
  9. They fail to intellectually challenge their employees

In Vincennes University’s Business Management and Business Administration programs, students have the opportunity to develop valuable management skills that will make them top rate business leaders. Management students are able to develop coaching skills by tapping into team members’ talents and providing one another with valuable performance feedback in exercises such as the “Penny Bounce”, as shown below.

In this exercise students rotate through a variety of managerial roles. While one learner ( the employee) bounces pennies across the table, other learners serve in the roles of:

  1. The Coach who provides guidance and collaborates with the employee to find best solutions. The coach also provides performance recognition to the employee. 
  2. The Quality Assurance Technician measures the distance of the penny in comparison to the intended goal
  3. The Time Keeper assures that the project stays on target
  4. The Production Manager records the data that pertains to the distance of the penny and the time that it takes for the employee to bounce 10 pennies. The PM tracks data about productivity to measure organizational performance.

Bradberry, T. (2016). 9 things that make good employees quit. Retrieved from