Agribusiness A.S. Degrees

This program provides opportunities in off-farm agricultural operations. Major emphasis is upon agribusiness operations, marketing, sales and processing of farm products.

Agribusiness 5300, A.S. Transfer, A.S. Career/Tech

Students in the Agribusiness A.S. Degree will be introduced to the latest in agr-related technology such as GPS, guidance systems, collection of field data, and other precision ag applications. Other topics  covered, include pesticide integration, soil and Animal nutrients, as well as the integration of technology in the workplace.


Agribusiness Carriers

A two year in agribusiness will put students on the path to purse carriers in the following fields

farm manager livestock manager
grain specialist sales representative
pesticide professional production manager
service specialist seed representative
fertilizer specialist custom applicators


VU's Agribusiness program offers you a broad spectrum of agriculture related study:

  • You will develop a working knowledge in farm finance, crop production, management techniques, and computer applications.
  • Laboratory work will provide you with valuable hands-on experience in pesticide selection, fertilizer planning, calibration of spraying devices, and more.

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