Voices of the VU Experience in Education

"The Vincennes University Education Program started out as a great community college choice for me but ended up being a life long connection of friends, colleagues, and mentors.  The program allowed me to go straight from college to a successful career as an educator while still staying in touch with my professors and classmates." - Ginger Cummins, Class of 2010






"I loved every minute of the education program at Vincennes University.  The professors are the best ever.  I received experiences that helped me to become a great teacher." - Ryan Gilliam, Class of 2009







"The VU education program prepared me to teach and  manage a full inclusion classroom effectively.  The education program focuses on how to provide a creative education while meeting the state standards and the individualized needs of students.  I am proud to be a graduate of the VU education program.  If you want to be a highly effective educator, VU education program is the best choice." - Shannon Wagoner, Class of 2012



"Vincennes University's education program had small class sizes and was exactly what I needed to be a successful student. They gave me the confidence and tools I needed to get my dream job right out of college." - Jacquie Ingle, Class of 2013






"I learned so many strategies and teaching techniques and was able to practice them in an elementary setting.  My professors provided so many opportunities to practice my skills in an actual classroom." - Morgan Schutter, Class of 2013





"The teachers at Vincennes University have a passion for educating future teachers.  Without these teachers, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today.  Thank you for always advocating for the students that need us." - Zachary Wagoner, Class of 2009





"The Vincennes University Education Program is a well-rounded program that provided me with lessons and experiences to become a successful educator.  The small class sizes and personable professors kept me motivated and engaged in my learning." - Christina Mellenthin, Class of 2010





"When it became time for a change in my life, there were countless decisions to be made.  One, however, was easy.  Vincennes University's Education program was the perfect place for me and my family without question. 

Not only did it give me a well-rounded curriculum that was advanced in both general education and special education, it gained me a confidence that I'd never have gained on my own.  My instructors were advisors and mentors, but they also became lifelong friends.  I feel my current success in education all boils down to the strong foundation I received at VU." - Alicia Bailey, Class of 2012