Academic Honors at Vincennes University

Why VU?

VU supports students with high academic profiles in a numbers of ways.  

VU offers academic scholarships to recognize and reward students who have completed their high school careers at the top of their class and choose to continue at VU.  While in high school, many students qualify to take courses for AP credit or take general education courses that VU offers in a variety of formats in order to have a head start on their college education.  These early options for high performing students--from Project Excel to online VU courses--create opportunities for good students to register for higher level courses sooner, to explore more than one career path, and to save time/money.  Students with high verbal SAT, ACT, or VU placement test scores may qualify for ENGL 112 Rhetoric and Research, a 3-credit hour course that  fulfills both Comp I and Comp II requirements for graduation, a specific example of a time and money saver for good students.

Qualified students of diverse majors may participate in the Honors Program: VU Honors Program is a unique learning community at VU.  Students submit a separate application for the Honors Program and must be registered to take an Honors Program course each semester for two to four semesters. These courses are designed to fulfill general education requirements and enhance major program courses; an independent study project for Honors credit is also offered.  

The Honors Program courses generally can substitute for comparable VU courses so that students are not adding extra hours to their major; the courses are reading, writing, and speaking intensive and fulfill intensive requirements for graduation.  Students' official transcript reflect Honors course completion.  At VU, Honors Program students are eligible for the program participation scholarship, about $250.00 each semester, and housing grants for Honors Program students who live in VU dorms are also available.  

NOTE: VU Honors Program courses not only transfer to four year schools but they also transfer to Honors Colleges or Honors Programs at four year institutions.

High performing students are invited to join honor societies at VU, including chapters of Phi Theta Kappa at both the Vincennes and the Jasper campuses.  PTK, for example, gives students lifetime membership and the opportunity to qualify for transfer scholarships just by being a PTK member.  Honor Societies are a good way for qualified VU students to enhance their resumes, network with other good students/faculty mentors, and receive public recognition for academic success beyond earning Dean's List status.

It is significant, too, that VU transcripts indicate special recognition to students who graduate with honor: summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude.  Again, students are not only gaining recognition for a day; their resumes and transcripts reflect their achievement as they seek employment and/or further education.