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The Academic Support Center, a free resource for all VUJ students, in the JCCB, Room 136 and in the CTIM, Room 140 offers tutoring with both peer (student) and professional (degree) tutors. The schedule changes each semester and is posted outside the center and around campus. Use the ASC Appointment Request Form to meet with a tutor. Email questions to Ask a Tutor at To submit a paper for review (not editing) use the ASC Online Tutoring Request Form. To make an appointment for a make-up test or for questions, call 812‑481‑5914.

Our computers are available for research, printing, or homework help. Some computers have software programs to practice math, grammar, and office skills. PDFs of web resources by subject as well as MLA and APA templates can be copied for use on students' computers.

Students can borrow Math CDs or can watch videos on a variety of topics, such as note taking, study skills, test anxiety, and more in the lab. Copies of the APA and MLA style books are available for use in the center.


Angie Valuch ~ Academic Support Center Director
Vincennes University Jasper ~ 812‑481‑5914

Meet Our Tutors

Professional Tutors


Angie has worked in education for most of her not so young life. She has worked her way through community college attending here at VUJ. Pushing onward, she completed two bachelor's degrees at Oakland City University, and a Master's Degree from the University of Evansville. As you can tell, she loves acedemia and it made perfect sense to work in the higher education field. You can find her in the ASC if you need assistance with Study Skills, Computers, Communication, testing, advising, are a student in her classes, and pretty much anything that you have questions about.


Gaylene spent her teaching career working in four states with students ranging in age from pre-school to adult. Though retired, she fills her time with a multitude of volunteer opportunities, traveling, tennis, pickleball, volleyball, hiking, eating chocolate, and, of course,  being a part of the ASC. She enjoys working with the students at VUJ in Math, English, and Study Skills. Her hope is to help them develop skills that will be valuable not only in their coursework, but also in their lifelong learning journey. If she could have one superpower, it would be time-travel because, "Just think how many more interesting places there are to see! And, how cool would it be to witness historical events as they happen!"

Jessica and Roxy

Jessica is an Alabama native who, inexplicably, doesn't have a Southern accent. She recently graduated with her M. A. in English from the University of Louisville and now lives in Jasper with her husband, their cat, and their dog. While she loves to collaborate with students on writing projects, job applications, and resumes, you should also drop by to talk to her about Public Speaking, Psychology, Anatomy & Physiology, Basic Math, or Study Skills. If she could have any super power, she would choose telekinesis.


Marilyn played Division I basketball while she earned a Bachelor's Degree in BIology at the University of Louisville. She also holds a Master's Degree from Western Kentucky University. She has worked in the public sector as well as in education throughout her career. Her teaching career includes stints at public and private schools in three different states. Marilyn enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends, walking her energetic beagle dogs, and experiencing nature.


Maryla has been a VUJ tutor for over 20 years, and has used computers since before there were PCs. Coming from the East Coast, she appreciates Southern Indiana's mild climate and friendly people. As a sculptor and jewelry artist, she is a creative problem solver. She can help you with Accounting, Business Math, Computers, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Programming, Web Page Design, and most of whatever else comes up. "Keep smiling! It makes people wonder what you've been up to."

Peer Tutors
Austin, a Texan by birth, moved here just a few years ago. He's the VP of Phi Theta Kappa honor society and a Math Wizard.  He loves computers and gaming. After finishing his studies at VUJ, he plans  to transfer to IU to complete a four-year degree in computer science.


Tutoring Hours

Fall 2017 Tutoring Hours
      Revised September 7, 2017

Did you know...

You can email the Academic Support Center tutoring staff with tutoring questions! If you are off campus and have a question, you can email and a tutoring staff member will assist you. 

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Tutors are available during posted hours. You can request an appointment with a tutor by filling out and emailing this form:
ASC Tutoring Request Form

To have a paper reviewed (not edited) via email, fill out and email this form along with your paper:
ASC Online Tutoring Request Form

For questions via email, contact us at: 

For make-up testing appointments call: 812-481-5914

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