Bachelor Degrees in Education

2017-18 Vincennes University Education Department Student Teachers.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Special Education, Mild Intervention, Elementary Education K-6

This program features a unique dual licensure program that is designed to prepare teacher candidates to teach in both elementary K - 6th grade  and special education classrooms, Kindergarten - 12th  grade.  The program features research-based instructional practices, effective classroom management techniques, the integration of assistive and instructional technology, and a focus on inclusive practices that are appropriate for today‚Äôs diverse student needs.

Ann Herman

Chair Education Department
Elementary and Special Education Faculty
110 Summers Center


Lisa Ader

Elementary and Special Education Faculty

108 Summers Center



Dr. Jonathan Leonard

Elementary Education Faculty

116 Summers Center

812-888- 5951


Tara Norman

Education Coordinator

109 Summers Center



Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Mathematics Education
This program prepares candidates to teach mathematics to students in a middle level or high school setting, Grades 5-12.  Students may choose to pursue either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics Education. 

Brian Christopher

Math Education Faculty

Updike Center 


Cathy Strange

Math Education Faculty 


Bachelor of Science in Secondary Science Education
This program is designed to prepare candidates to teach science to students in a school setting, Grades 5-12.  Students may choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in four content areas:  

  1. Chemistry
  2. Earth and Space Science
  3. Biology
  4. Physics

Aaron Bruck
Science Education Faculty

Upkike Center
(812) 888-5705