Honors Program Benefits

Participation in the Honors Program includes the following benefits:

  • A breadth and depth of knowledge and skills that employees prioritize
  • A learning community for high-achieving students with networking possibilities
  • Leadership opportunities and personalized study with faculty members
  • No more than 20 students in Honors Program classes
  • Field trips and social events
  • Unique, enhanced learning opportunities, experiences, and projects in major program courses
  • Courses fulfill University Core Curriculum requirements
  • Courses fulfill reading, writing, and speaking intensive requirements 
  • Program participation scholarship of about $250 each semester
  • Housing grants of up to $500 per semester available for students who live in VU dorms and preferential placement in dorm rooms with other High-GPA and honors students
  • Opportunities for additional scholarships and guidance in application
  • Official transcript reflects Honors Program course completion

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Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society

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Contact Information

Chris Faulk

Honors Program Director
Assistant Professor of English

Phone: 812-575-0595


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