Trey Miller, Assistant Professor, Program Chair


Alpha Beta Gamma Honor Society

Alpha Beta Gamma is an Honor Society established by business professors in 1970 to recognize and encourage scholarship among Business and Professional Students Enrolled at Two-year Degree Granting Institutions. The society is a member of The Association of College Honor Societies and has initiated 80,000 members.  Here at Vincennes University, ABG encourages leadership, community service, excellence in academics and networking from its members.  ABG Vincennes attends the annual National Leadership Conference located at various resorts across the country and Mexico.  There, members network with other members from other chapters across the nation as well as have an opportunity to earn scholarship money and money for their chapter.

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BizCafe Management Simulation

Interpertive Simulation, located in Charlottesville, Virginia, created a virtual coffee shop entitled BizCafe.  Students become managers of their own coffee café.  Students are required to create a name and logo, hire servers and managers, determine inventory and coffee usage as well as solve special “incidents” that occur throughout the simulation.  Students learn that all ® decisions affect the bottom line of the café. 

As with any business, a small business owner must wear many hats. Students are exposed to areas in marketing, operations, human resource and accounting.  Principles of Management students spend time at the coffee shop in Vincennes University's Student Union to review and discuss their BizCafe resultsEach period the financial statements are updated, an analysis of cups sold, coffee usage and expenses and cash flow is reported.  Students take this information and use it to help them decide what decisions to make in the next period.   Of course, the goal is to make a profit. The simulation can be set-up so that each student can compete against the program, or their classmates.  When students competed against each other, certain metrics are averaged or benchmarked informing the students of their standing among their peers bringing an air of competition into the classroom.

Finally, when the simulation is over, students report via presentation their experience. While some frustrations are expressed, most comments are positive as many realize for the first time what it takes to run a business.  Most Agree that it takes dedication, critical thinking, and a winning attitude to bring about a Small Business.

Business Management


Available on the Vincennes and Jasper campuses

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Vincennes University Business Management program is to educate students from diverse backgrounds in key skills, knowledge and managerial practices so that they will become valued contributors in a dynamic business environment. Students will develop a synthesized managerial approach derived through coursework, labs, projects, and field experiences that create a foundation of professional skills for a successful business career. Students who complete this program will be prepared for entry-level management positions in industries such as retail, general hospital, employee service, restaurants, etc.

Program Learning Outcomes
Students who complete course work in the Business Management program will be able to:

  • Evaluate business processes.
  • Demonstrate business communication skills.
  • Understand the major functions of business.    
  • Analyze the various business structures.
  • Identify the internal and external influences on businesses.
  • Evaluate employee scenarios and decisions.


Business Management 5360, A.S. Career/Tech

This program prepares students for a variety of entry-level positions in the field of office administration, sales, retailing, materials distribution, finance, small business operations and so much more. In addition, most of the courses are designed to assist the employed persons in upgrading their skills. The curriculum includes several basic subject areas such as accounting, economics, management, labor relations, marketing and computer skills. The development of managerial skills useful in a  variety of job situations is emphasized.

A Concentration in Finances is Available on the Jasper campuses and through Distance Education

The Vincennes Business Management Department will educate you in:

Theories of Management Concepts of Salesmanship
Principles of Marketing Knowledge of Business Finance
Basics of Accounting Role of Computers in Business


Employment Info

Course Catalog

Business Management Direct Supervision (CG), Gainful Employment Disclosure

Business Management Direct Supervision (CPC), Gainful Employment Disclosure

Business Office Management Technology, Gainful Employment Disclosure

Coaching, Creativity and Passion

In Vincennes University’s Business Management and Business Administration programs, students have the opportunity to develop valuable management skills that will make them top rate business leaders. Management students are able to develop coaching skills by tapping into team members’ talents and providing one another with valuable performance feedback in exercises such as the “Penny Bounce”, Simulation.

In this exercise students rotate through a variety of managerial roles. While one student ( the employee) bounces pennies across the table, other students serve in the roles of:

  1. The Coach who provides guidance and collaborates with the employee to find best solutions. The coach also provides performance recognition to the employee. 
  2. The Quality Assurance Technician measures the distance of the penny in comparison to the intended goal
  3. The Time Keeper assures that the project stays on target
  4. The Production Manager records the data that pertains to the distance of the penny and the time that it takes for the employee to bounce 10 pennies. The PM tracks data about productivity to measure organizational performance.