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MARCH 16, 2020

1:30 p.m. EDT


Dear Vincennes University students and families, 

Please know and remember that we are all in this together. Safety for all is the number one priority during this fluid situation.  There are no known cases of coronavirus affecting the Vincennes University community at this time. We are working to ensure students meet their academic goals, along with providing a safe environment.  We are collaborating with our colleagues at other institutions to ensure best safety practices for our students, faculty, staff and stakeholders. We will provide additional updates as the situation changes and new information becomes available. 


Here are the answers to some of the more frequently asked questions: 

Classes & Students

Facilities & Events

Travel - Student, Faculty, & Staff

Financial Aid

Additional Resources




Is the University open?

Yes, at this time VU campuses and sites remain open. Spring break was extended through March 22 for VU students. Classes will resume on March 23 in online or alternative delivery format until further notice.


Are my classes canceled? 

No, classes are not canceled.  Classes will resume on March 23 and will continue in an online or alternative delivery format until further notice. VU is currently creating Blackboard shells for each course section.  Courses will be loaded by March 23rd and students will be able to access their Blackboard courses when they log into their MyVu homepage.  Instructions about how the course will proceed will be embedded in the Announcement section of each Blackboard course.


I am an online student. When do my classes start? 

All classes, regardless of delivery, are delayed until Monday, March 23.


Can I still enroll in online courses?

Enrollment for second 8-week courses will remain open until March 23rd.


When can I retrieve items from the residence hall?

For those needing to retrieve items before Sunday, March 22, residence halls will open on Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.    Students may retrieve necessary items during this time.


How will my lab/clinical courses be conducted?

Lab Courses:  At this time, we are asking instructors to look for creative ways to provide students with lab simulations.  Once the crisis lessens, we anticipate that lab-based courses would continue to be offered on campus.

Clinical/Student Teaching Courses:  Beginning March 23rd, clinical and student teaching courses will resume as normal and students are expected to attend unless otherwise directed.  In a situation where site availability is closed, students will work with their instructor and/or program director to develop a plan for fulfilling the remaining program requirements.  The plan will be submitted to the Provost. The College will defer to program accreditation requirements regarding clinical/student teaching requirements. This may include:

  • Substituting clinical requirements with simulations where appropriate/approved.

  • Completing clinical requirements/student teaching when sites become available (may extend into summer or be completed in Spring semester with extended hours)

  • Completing clinical requirements/student teaching at another site.

Internships:  Beginning March 23rd, internship/externship courses will resume as normal and students are expected to attend unless otherwise directed.  If an internship/externship opportunity is suspended, the student will work with their faculty member and, in collaboration with the Dean of the College, develop a plan for continued education.


I am a Vincennes University dual credit student and my high school closed. What does that mean for me?  

If your school corporation is closed because of COVID-19, follow the directions provided to you by your school. Vincennes University will work with dual enrollment students who are impacted by local school closures.


Can I still visit the VU Testing Center? And what about proctored tests? 

Yes, the VU Testing Center will be open, but please contact the location directly at 812.888.5404 to ensure there is ample capacity to account for appropriate social distancing. 


I am enrolled in a 16-week class. What happens with my previously assigned work and due dates?

Due dates for both 16-week and 8-week courses will be adjusted to reflect the new term dates of March 23rd to May 15, 2020.


What will happen with the semester’s schedule and grades?

VU is extending the semester for one week to May 15, 2020. Classes will be provided online, or in alternative delivery formats until further notice.  We are working on contingency plans for grading and potential impacts for those who are expecting to graduate this term.

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Will all campus facilities be open for the rest of the semester?

Our intention is to keep normal operation scheduled for all facilities however hours are subject to change. All events of more than 50 attendees have been cancelled through May 8, 2020, per current CDC guidelines.  Continued access to facilities and events will be determined on an ongoing basis, based on guidance from health and government entities.


When can I retrieve items from the residence hall?

For those needing to retrieve items before Sunday, March 22, residence halls will open on Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.    Students may retrieve necessary items during this time.


Are there restrictions on campus visitors?

Vincennes University encourages individuals to utilize telephone, email, or other means of communications to speak with campus personnel.  Should an onsite visit be necessary social distancing protocols will be in effect.  


Is commencement canceled? 

We anticipate holding traditional commencement ceremonies at our sites, but we are making plans for alternative ways to conduct commencements, as conditions may require. Students who anticipate graduating in May should be aware of the following: A Petition to Graduate must be on file with the Registrar's Office. The Petition to Graduate deadline is April 3..


Is Grad Fest canceled?

Due to the recent precautions and restrictions set in place by Vincennes University, the Grad Fest event scheduled for Tuesday, March 17 has been postponed.  We will be looking at options to reschedule. 


I am a potential student planning to visit campus, should I still visit?

All individuals with scheduled visits through admissions are encouraged to reschedule. Due to continued conversations concerning the COVID-19 virus and in an effort to provide a safe and healthy campus environment for students, staff, and visitors, Vincennes University has decided to cancel the PreVU Day open house events scheduled for March 20 and 21.  A plan is currently being developed as to the best method of disbursing the information provided at PreVU Days events. Once a decision is made, communication will be sent out to all registered students and included on the VU website.  

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I traveled over spring break, should I come back or wait? 

At this time spring break has been extended for all VU students. Classes will resume on March 23 and will continue in online or alternative delivery formats until further notice. If you are sick, please review health guidelines and check for coronavirus symptoms at:

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Can work study students continue to work during the extended break? 

Yes. Work study employees may work based on the University’s need for their respective job responsibilities.  The student’s supervisor should be contacted.


What if a work study student is working at an off-campus partner location and that organization closes due to the COVID-19?

Per the Department of Ed: “For a FWS student who is employed by an employer that closes as a result of COVID-19, the institution may continue paying the student Federal work study wages during that closure if it occurred after the beginning of the term, the institution is continuing to pay its other employees” (including faculty and staff), and for external partners the partner continues to pay their portion of the CWS wages.”


Will my room and board charges be reduced?

We understand that this situation is also creating financial questions for students and families.  With remote learning and alternative delivery options in place some VU students will need access to technology and resources available only on campus. We will be making decisions on financial matters in a manner that is fair to our students and families and in line with state and federal recommendations. We ask for your patience as we sort out the answers to financial questions. 

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To keep up with the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):


Many academic resources can be accessed online through VU’s Shake Library:

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