This program is designed to prepare students for opportunities in all fields of cosmetology. Some of the areas included are as follows: beauty salon owner, make-up artist, sales technician, salon manager, facial and skin care expert, hair stylist, platform artist, hairpiece consultant, hair coloring technician, manufacturer’s representative, cosmetic stylist, and cosmetology instructor. In this program, emphasis is on practical skills, professionalism and business education. Upon completion of this program, graduates are eligible for state licensure.

Visiting this web site could certainly be the beginning of a new and exciting career!  Are you committed to being the best?  The difference between being good and being the best at what you do depends on two things:  Your Commitment and the Knowledge You Possess.The quality of education is only equal to the quality of instruction.  The instructional staff in the Vincennes University Cosmetology program is comprised of dedicated individuals who are committed to quality education in the field of Cosmetology. The staff endorses and embraces any new techniques, methods and applications that emerge in the ever-changing world of the beauty industry and education.


Guidelines for Cosmetology Credit:
Persons who have completed an accredited cosmetology program and have passed the Indiana Cosmetology State Boards may be granted up to 30 credit hours by:

  1. Making application and being accepted as a Vincennes University student;
  2. Submitting a copy of the valid Indiana Cosmetology License; and
  3. Submitting payment for up to 30 credit hours at $25 per credit hour.
  4. Credit will be awarded for COSM 100, COSM 150, COSM 200, and COSM 250.
  5. The student will be required to complete COSM 275. The student will be assessed on their current cosmetology skills. They will meet at the Vincennes Beauty College 30 hours during the semester.


Major Program Requirements

  • ACCT 100 - Basic College Accounting 3 hrs -or- COMP 234 - Records Management and Business Intelligence 3 hrs

    • ACCT 100 Basic College Accounting - A course in the fundamentals of accounting practices. Emphasis is on journalizing, posting, preparing financial statements, reconciling bank statements, and understanding elements of payroll. The course is specifically designed for students with little or no previous accounting or bookkeeping experience and who are enrolled in an occupational program requiring only one accounting course. This course may not be substituted for ACCT 201. 3 lecture hours.

    • COMP 234 Records Management and Business Intelligence - Students will study activities required for records filing and storage, methods for managing records systems, and managing the administration of the life-cycle of business essential records. The use of spreadsheets to sort and search records, combine files, produce reports, and the extract data from a file will be presented. This course is designed to include creating and formatting worksheets, using formulas and basic functions, creating charts, and printing professional-looking reports. Students will be assessed a lab fee for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel certification exam. 3 lecture/laboratory hours.

  • COSM 100 - Cosmetology I [7 hrs (Sem I, II)]

    • This course offers an introduction to cosmetology with emphasis on basic practical skills and theories including roller control, quick styling, shampooing, hair coloring, permanent waving, facials, manicuring, business and personal ethics, and bacteriology and sanitation. Successful completion of the course requires at least 375 Cosmetology studio hours. 3 lecture hours, 26 studio hours.

  • COSM 150 - Cosmetology II [7 hrs (Sem I, II)]

    • Development of practical skills introduced in COSM 100 will receive the greatest emphasis in this course. Clinical application and theory in the science of cosmetology are introduced. Successful completion of the course requires at least 375 Cosmetology studio hours. 3 lecture hours, 26 studio hours.

  • COSM 200 - Cosmetology III [7 hrs (Sem I, II)]

    • The emphasis will be toward the development of advanced skills in styling, hair coloring, permanent waving, facials and manicuring. Students will also study anatomy and physiology as it applies to cosmetology. Successful completion of the course requires at least 375 Cosmetology studio hours. 3 lecture hours, 26 studio hours.

  • COSM 250 - Cosmetology IV [7 hrs (Sem I, II)]

    • All previously developed skills are applied with emphasis on developing individual techniques. Professionalism, salon management, psychology in relation to cosmetology, and preparation for state board examination are stressed. Successful completion of the course requires at least 375 Cosmetology studio hours. 5 lecture hours, 26 studio hours.

  • ENTR 221 - Creating a Small Business [3 hrs (Sem I)]

    • Topics will include analyzing your own potential, business feasibility, franchising location, insurance and owner liability, obtaining necessary capital, getting financial assistance, business plan development and computer simulation. 3 lecture hours.

  • Directed Elective 2 hrs

This course of instruction consist of 1500 actual clock hours of theory, demonstration and actual practice in all areas of hair design, skin and nail care. The objective of the cosmetology course, regardless of which avenue you choose, is to provide a solid foundation for graduates in the countless opportunities available in the beauty culture industry.

At Vincennes Beauty College, we offer three methods of completing this course of study as prescribed by the Indiana State Board of Cosmetology examiners. They include attending classes exclusively at Vincennes Beauty College on a full or part time basis, enrolling as a Vincennes University student in the Cosmetology course or enrolling through the Twin River Career and Technical Education Area.

In the Vincennes University program the student is enrolled at the University. They attend classes at the University as well as classes at the beauty college in order to achieve a two-year Associate in Applied Science Degree through the University. The Twin Rivers Vocational program is for high school students who wish to achieve all or part of their Cosmetology education while attending high school. Graduates of the cosmetology course will be eligible to be tested for licenser by the Indiana State Board of Cosmetology.

Vincennes Beauty College Cosmetology classes begin in January, June, and August. Classes are held Tuesday through Saturday.

  • Hours are: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Tuesday through Friday and 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday.

To enroll in the Cosmetology Course applicants must provide proof of High School (or GED) education, proof of age, and pay the enrollment fee. To graduate from the Cosmetology Course all students must complete 1500 actual clock hours of training, complete the state of Indiana Official Progress Book Requirements and have a passing grade on all written and practical exams. The graduate will then be eligible to take their state exam to qualify for their Cosmetology license.

Excited instructors dedicated to inspiring and preparing you to achieve high levels of distinction and perfection describes our staff at Vincennes Beauty College. Our instructors are knowledgeable professionals with the practical experience and creative talent to help you make the most of your creativity. Ongoing education and intensive training are as much a part of their lives at Vincennes Beauty College as it will be yours. Our instructors attend educational seminars, industry trade fairs and manufacturers workshops. By gaining additional and up to date information our teaching staff is kept current of the latest technology and methods used in the industry today.


For more information, please contact:
Susan Brocksmith, Cosmetology Program Chair

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