Campus map of designated smoking areas

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These areas have been designated as areas to use tobacco on the Vincennes campus.

  1. Grass area behind HO building
  2. North side of Beless Gym near Chestnut Street
  3. North side of Technology Building/West side of Automotive Technology
  4. South side of Construction Technology Building
  5. Near USPS parking pad between Godare and Vanderburgh Halls
  6. Corner of Rosedale and First Street – South side of First and East side of Rosedale
  7. Grass area in front of Harrison Hall between Harrison and Clark Halls
  8. Grass area behind Hack & Simon Building
  9. Area in front of LRC/to the right of SH/behind WAB
  10. O’Neal Airport – Southwest side of Power Plant Building #90
  11. Physical Plant – East side of building

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