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Lauren Kasinger

Lauren Kasinger


Department of Biology




Vincennes Campus

Lauren graduated from Kentucky Wesleyan College in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a minor in Biology.  Immediately following graduation, Lauren was hired as a research technologist with the University of Louisville, working exclusively at the Owensboro Cancer Research Program.  This program focused on plant-made pharmaceutical research using tobacco plants to produce proteins for the treatment/prevention of cancer, HIV, HPV, cholera, and Zika virus. While working, Lauren obtained her Master of Science degree in Biotechnology from The Johns Hopkins University.  Her education and experience have focused her skills in biochemistry and molecular biology.  Lauren is a native of Lawrenceville, Illinois and in the fall of 2016 moved back to the area.  In spring of 2017, she began teaching several sections of Bio 100 lab. Lauren teaches Plant and Animal Biology, Principles of Biology I, and Biology: Connections and Impacts.  She is involved with the Women in STEM group here on VU’s campus (Women in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics).

When I'm Not Teaching

In her spare time Lauren loves spending time with her husband, Patrick, and they both enjoy being close to family and friends in Lawrence County. She enjoys being outside, going jogging, cooking, playing music, and plans to get her pilot’s license this summer.