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Penny Padgett

Chair & Assistant Professor

Penny Padgett






Office: 217, Updike Hall

Penny L. Padgett is the Chair and Assistant Professor of Geoscience, Agriculture, and Horticulture Department. She graduated from Indiana University (Bloomington) with a B.A. Political Science/B.S. in Geological Sciences and earned a Certificate of Environmental Studies from I.U.’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

She attended the I.U. Field Camp in Montana. While going to school, she worked at the Indiana Geological (and now, Water) Survey in Bloomington, Indiana. Penny’s Master of Science is in Geological Sciences from the University of Kentucky (organic/sedimentary petrography, low-temp geochemistry, groundwater).

She is a professional geologist (IN/IL/KY), a Certified Professional Geologist (CPG-AIPG), and a Certified Coal Geologist (AAPG) with 15+ years work experience in the energy and aggregate industry. Penny is currently finishing up a PhD from Missouri University of Science and Technology. Mapping (CAD/GIS), managing spatial databases, geophysical logs (DEN, Gamma, Sonic), construction dewatering as well as exploration (air, mud) are part of her skill set. At VU, Penny teaches Intro to Geospatial, i.e., GIS (GEOS 223), Earth Science (GEOS 100), Oceanography (GEOS 204), World Geography (GEOS 207), and Weather/Climate (GEOS 221), both on campus and distance courses. She especially enjoys taking students on field trips. She advises students for the Natural Resources and Environmental Studies majors, including the Geology/Geography concentration.

When I'm Not Teaching

When I am not teaching, I enjoy walking my dogs Laverne and Shirley.