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Tonya Melton

Associate Professor

Tonya Melton






Vincennes Campus - Health Science Bldg. - Rm #220

Education and licensure/certifications

Associate of Science, Vincennes University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Indiana State University

Master of Science in Nursing, Indiana State University

Registered Nurse, State of Indiana


Teaching & Work Experience

  • Year Became a Nurse: 1990
  • Year Started Teaching Nursing: 2007 (at Vincennes University)
  • Specialty Area: Medical Surgical

Work experience includes 13 years as a staff nurse at Union Hospital, including 3 years’ experience as an assistant nurse manager.

Teaches Medical-Surgical Nursing.

As a nurse educator, I feel it is important to establish mutual respect through accessibility, flexibility, fairness, and genuine concern through caring about each student as an individual. Providing a positive and meaningful learning environment with engaged learners is key to student success. I attempt to provide varied and interactive education experiences which include the use of some traditional methods, collaboration and teamwork to reach different student learning needs.

I find that the best part of being a nurse educator is observing student growth and confidence as they progress through the curriculum.

"By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn" - Latin proverb