STEP (Student Transition into Educational Programs) FAQ

STEP (Student Transition into Educational Programs) FAQ

Vincennes University offers a support program providing comprehensive services for students with learning disabilities. STEP is designed to help students be more successful in their college courses. Student strengths, rather than deficits, are the emphasis. Compensatory techniques, rather than remediation, are the thrust. With
adequate support services, VU believes college students with learning disabilities will be successful.

STEP is designed to give students with learning disabilities the opportunity to develop their own unique abilities and to achieve their highest academic potential. Students will develop a sense of self-worth and the skills needed to function and learn independently in college.

Admission to the program is based on completion of the application process, determination of student eligibility, available funding, and space remaining. Space in the program is limited. Early application is important.

STEP Faculty Achievements

  • Ranell Locke – Learning Disability Association Member; Teaching Transformation Academy Graduate; Department Chair of Study Skills; STEP Director, Associate Professor
  • Angie Crabtree - Learning Disability Association Member; STEP Director; Assistant Professor

Financial Aid
Students are advised to contact Vocational Rehabilitation in addition to any other financial aid resources. VU has a Financial Aid Office staffed with professionals willing to assist with any questions.

For information call toll free 1-800-742-9198.