Meet the Geoscience, Agriculture, and Horticulture Faculty

Geoscience, Agriculture, and Horticulture Faculty

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Department Chairperson: Dan Vaughn

Chuck Mansfield

Jennifer Nettles



Daniel L. Vaughn
Department of Geoscience, Agriculture, and Horticulture
Office room number: UH 219
Office phone number: 812-888-4235

Dan Vaughn, Associate Professor, is the Chairperson of the Geoscience, Agriculture, and Horticulture Department.  He began working with VU in the Fall of 2007.  He earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Geology and Natural Resource Studies at the University of Hawaii Hilo, Master’s in Environmental Studies, Graduate Certificate in Environment Risk Assessment at the University of Illinois- Springfield, ABD in Environmental Organic Geochemistry from the Southern Illinois University of Carbondale.  Dan teaches Physical Geology, Historical Geology, Environmental Science, Principles of Conservation, General Astronomy, and Oceanography.  The majors he advises are Natural Resources and Environmental Science, Forestry and Conservation, and Geoscience (formerly Geology and Geography).  He also leads the Earth Science Club and Anime Club here on VU’s campus.  Check out his web vita on



Charles Mansfield
Department of Geoscience, Agriculture, and Horticulture
Office room number: UH 216
Office phone number: 812-888-4311

Chuck Mansfield joined VU in 1990.  He began his college career by earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University in 1976.   His Master’s is from the University of Florida which was completed in 1981.  Dr. Mansfield also completed a Ph.D. at the University of Florida after which he came directly to work with Vincennes University.  Here he teaches courses for the Geoscience, Agriculture, and Horticulture Department such as Crop Production, Soil Science, and also courses in Freshmen Orientation.  Dr. Mansfield advises students who are in the Agriculture Transfer Program coordinated provided with the Purdue Agriculture Program.  He also advises for the Forestry & Conservation major and NRES.  For more information on some of the majors Dr. Mansfield advises, check out the following link:



Jennifer Nettles
Department of Geoscience, Agriculture, and Horticulture
Office room number: UH 212
Office phone number: 812-888-5772

Jennifer Nettles began working at VU in 2015.  She was promoted to full-time in the Fall of 2017.   Jennifer is an Alumni of Vincennes University, where she earned her Associate’s in 2004.  Her Bachelor’s is from Purdue University in Landscape Horticulture and Design, which she completed in 2007.  Jennifer’s Master of Science degree is in Crop Science from the University of Illinois.  She’ll receive this degree in May of 2018.  Here at VU, Jennifer teaches Fundamentals of Horticulture, Landscape Design/Landscape Maintenance, Fundamentals of Turfgrass, and Integrated Pest Management.  In conjunction with her teaching duties, Jennifer advises students interested in the Horticulture Technology major.  She also heads up the VU Horticulture Club.

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