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When Napoleon’s soldiers returned home in the 18th century to build roads and bridges, it was the beginning of civil engineering as we know it today.  Later, physics and math began to take on more importance, with skills progressing into mechanical and electrical engineering. Finally, in World War I, the work of the Germans led to chemical engineering.

Today we’re focused on biology and bioengineering – the development of products dedicated to improving quality of life.  Biological, Biomedical Sciences is quickly becoming the engineering discipline for the 21st century.
Consider these recent advances:

  • Jawbone from Stem Cells
    A Whitaker investigator has successfully used adult stem cells to grow a knob of jawbone as a potential medical implant.
  • Bionic Arm
    Biomedical engineers and surgeons at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago have attached a bionic arm that can be controlled by thought.
    Things that were once considered science fiction are becoming real at an amazing rate. It’s no wonder that the state of Indiana, with its roots already grounded in pharmaceuticals, is banking on biotechnology to fund its future.

With a Vincennes University associate degree in Biological, Biomedical Sciences, you can transfer to IUPUI to complete a baccalaureate degree.

VU’s 2+2 agreement with IUPUI prepares you to continue your education, providing you continue to maintain academic standards.  In addition, you will save thousands of dollars in tuition by completing your first two years at VU.
While all biotechnology programs are somewhat difficult, engineering is particularly rigorous. It requires more than an average load made up of tough courses.  However, if engineering is your goal, biomedical engineering holds unlimited promise.

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