Forestry and Conservation

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Foresters plan and supervise the growing, protection, and harvesting of trees. They estimate the amount of standing timber and manage timber sales. They also protect forests from fire, harmful insects, and disease.

Conservationists, on the other hand, develop methods of getting the most use out of the earth without damaging the environment.


Vincennes University’s Forestry and Conservation program is a cooperative effort between VU and Purdue University.  Once you complete the A.S. degree at VU, you can transfer directly to Purdue to finish your baccalaureate degree.


The science programs at VU are tailor-made for the student who wants the sound start that personalized attention assures.  Other benefits include:

  • The use of laboratory equipment normally reserved for juniors and seniors.
  • The fact that in most cases your lecture professor will also be the one who leads your lab exercises. This not only encourages consistency in instruction, but gives you more opportunity to build a strong relationship with your professors the personal use of computers to simulate experiments and to confirm calculations.
  • The Math Department has a fully staffed Mathematics Laboratory that offers computer-aided assistance.
  • Free tutoring is available through the University’s Study Skills Laboratory.

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