Biology Majors Testimonials


"The combination of Vincennes University's great staff, small class sizes, and extra help resources prepared me for my transition into Graduate school. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get a great start into a pre-medical field." - Devin Ice 



"I attended Vincennes University from 2006-2008 for Pre-Medical Technology and transferred to Purdue University to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology. The biology program at Vincennes University was definitely a great stepping stone for me in becoming a Medical Technologist/Medical Laboratory Scientist. I owe my career to Mr. Coffman and the rest of the excellent staff in the Health Sciences Program at Vincennes University. Not to mention I made a lot of friends here and we still keep in touch to this day. Attending Vincennes University was the best life decision I’ve ever made. I disliked biology in High School but Mr. Coffman just has a unique teaching style that really made me love biology and want to succeed and get a career in the Health Sciences." - Phillip Bateman MLS(ASCP)CM

“Vincennes’ Biology program has it all! It's a fantastic undergraduate degree or a great start for your graduate degree. Class sizes are small, interactive and the professors are willing to help you achieve your goals." - Dr. Nathanial Evans, PharmD, RPh  VU '06-'08

“I would recommend the Biology department at VU to anyone that asked. I gained so much more experience and knowledge at VU. Plus, the small classrooms and labs helped me.  The education that I received at VU did more than prepare me for completing my degree, as it also prepared me for my career.  I know the techniques and good lab practices that I learned at VU have helped me every day of my career.  I love my job and I know that I would not have been able to land it without everything that VU taught me.”  Natalie Duryea A.S. ‘08

“Biology at Vincennes University sparked in me an immense yearning to study biology. The small in size classes offers students to get quality one-on-one with the readily available professors. The class itself was engaging through group discussions and other activities. Beyond concepts of biology, I learned that nothing is unattainable if you put forth the right attitude and work hard. Mr. Coffman’s kind words of encouragement inspired me to pursue biology further. Had I started biology anywhere else, no doubt I would not be where I am today. “ – Mikal Mogos ‘10

 “Starting off at VU was a very positive experience for me getting my A.S. in Biology, as well as preparing me for getting higher degrees.  All of the classes you take have revelance in some form in any field of life science and all the professors are more than willing to work with you and make sure you achieve what you’re striving for.” - Ashley McGill (A.S. ’14) 

I definitely appreciate my experience with the biology program at VU, it has helped me so much with my current degree in Veterinary Technology and all our awesome teachers at VU made it easy to learn and remember! I miss the fun times we had there!  Trisha Coonce - (A.S. ’11)

“As an international student, VU is the best place to start with. The experience in both biology and biology club was awesome and helpful!” - Ben Tseng (A.S. ’12)

“At VU I didn't just sit behind a Biology textbook, I was in the forest, I was in a stream, and was in the field learning about modern research. Biology at VU is a hands on, interactive learning experience.”  Ben McVeigh (AS ’10)

“I loved the hands on aspects to the labs. It made it a lot easier to understand the various topics we went through in biology 1 and 2.” - Amy Manhart (A.S. ’12)

"Biology at VU was awesome! The hands on experience definitely helped the information stick with me throughout the rest of my education. All of my teachers really cared about me and my success. I would highly recommend the VU biology program." - Brenna Hamm ‘12.

The Biology program at VU is a truly rewarding experience. I received hands on experience from teachers who genuinely cared about my education. I never felt like a number in the classroom. My teachers were always approachable and knowledgeable. -Susan Williams ‘09

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