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Red Skelton Media

How better to share the talents and philosophies of Red Skelton than through his own words and works? Please visit this page often as we add new selections from the Red Skelton Collection. Items are for viewing purposes only and may not be duplicated.

Audio Clips:

  • SHERIFF DEADEYE  Taken from a 1950 "Best of Show" program sponsored by Raleigh, Red portrays outlaw Deadeye who decides to head out west to seek a better life. Along the way, Deadeye meets a wrangler and brags how his horse, Sterling Silver, is the smartest in the west. Deadeye asks the horse what 2 + 2 is and, of course, the stallion knows the answer but Deadeye... well, listen in for the fun.

  • CHRISTMAS  One of the most requested shows in the history of Red Skelton's radio career, this broadcast from 12-19-1951 features Red as Junior the Mean Widdle Kid playing the starring role in the school Christmas pageant, "The Little Christmas Tree." Junior plays a special tree who meets Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus confides in the little tree that he feels unappreciated and decides to just stay at the North Pole. The little tree convinces Santa Claus he is appreciated by the whole world and the jolly fellow decides to return next year. This program was sponsored by Norge appliances.

  • CLEM (Sorry this clip is unavailble) This clip was probably broadcast around 1950 and stars Red as Clem Kadiddlehopper in a Skelton Scrapbook of Satire segment titled, "The Friendly Farmer." Red visits his girlfriend, Sara Dew, and is jealous after finding out she has taken in a boarder from Hollywood for the night. Clem describes his brief career as a taxi cab driver and then decides to spend the night to keep an eye on the stranger. Snoring and annoying alley cats are included in this adventure.

  • HAWAII (Sorry this clip is unavalible) Broadcast around 1952 and sponsored by Norge appliances, Red and the show regulars pay tribute to then U.S. territory Hawaii during the Skelton Scrapbook of Satire segment. Red is Junior the Mean Widdle Kid who flies to Hawaii with his mother for a vacation. A man, who is about to have a nervous breakdown and in need of a quiet Hawaiian vacation, is seated right next to Junior on the plane and keeps running into the boy once the plane lands. You can guess how much rest this poor man gets while in Hawaii. The Smith twins sing, "Alabama Jubilee."

  • RADIO SHOW  This is an excerpt from Red Skelton's Scrapbook of Satire.