Majors and Areas of Study

Audio Recording

This comprehensive one-year program is designed to provide core skills in all aspects of audio recording. Through hands-on experiences, students are taught the basics of microphone technique, signal flow and the mixing console, analog, digital, and hard disk recording devices, mixing and mastering multi-track recordings for the production of compact discs, and an introduction to the Pro Tools hard disk recording system. Musicianship basics in music theory, piano, and MIDI sequencing are also provided.


The Broadcasting Degree at Vincennes University, is a two-year program that provides students with specific skills needed for effective performance, editing, and producing in the broadcasting industry.  Audio and video production and copywriting are explored with practical experience in the University-owned radio and television stations under actual on-air conditions. The primary objective is effective performance and production in the broadcasting industry including radio, TV, and digital media formats. 

Broadcast Journalism

The Broadcast Journalism Degree is designed to prepare students for producing news with an accurate creation and delivery of news content through media platforms including radio, TV, and digital formats.  Students will learn how to research, investigate, and create news content by developing skills in writing, interviewing, photography, and editing audio and video for on-air delivery. 

Multimedia Communications

The Multimedia Communications Degree at Vincennes University, is a two-year program that prepares students to take creative ideas from concept development to final product in the areas of graphic design, interactive media, audio and video production, broadcast journalism, and media sales and marketing. Using state of the art laboratory facilities and software, students will learn foundational concepts, techniques, and skills to create content for broadcast, web, and other media. Students will study the impact and interaction of media in a diverse community through media research and identifying characteristics of a target audience for content creation and civic engagement.  Graduates of the program will be prepared for employment in multimedia professions.


This news-editorial curriculum prepares students to transfer to departments and schools of journalism to complete the baccalaureate degree. Particular emphasis is applied to the development of skills in news and feature reporting-writing and in editing (copyreading).

Media Production Faculty


Emily Taylor, MA
Media Production Department Chair, Journalism
Assistant Professor of Journalism
Areas of Specialization:




Andrew Bolin, MA-C
Program Chair, Broadcasting
Assistant Professor of Broadcasting
Areas of Specialization: Social Media, Cross platform conent development, Video Editing, Audio Editing 




Virgil Franklin, MA
Program Chair, Audio Recording
Assistant Professor of Audio Recording
Areas of Specialization:




Scott Mercer, MA
Assistant Professor of Audio Recording