Microsoft Training

Microsoft Training

Vincennes University is a Microsoft Imagine Academy partner which allows us to deliver the latest in Microsoft curriculum. This portion of the Computer Networking and Security Specialist program centers around the configuration of servers and workstations in an LAN environment. You will learn how to configure these network environments thru a program of study that includes reading, lecture, e-learning, as well as hands-on application of this knowledge.

Vincennes University uses virtual networking to emulate various types of network problems and situations and to allow students to work in cloud computing environments. Students work on high end host machines (multi-core processors with 8gig of RAM) that allow you the ability of open multiple servers and workstations in a virtual networked environment.

There are multiple benefits to using virtual networks including:

  • The ability work and your own pace and not have to wait on a lab partner 
  • You can save your system configuration at any time, even during the middle of an install 
  • The Virtual environment closely resembles certification test simulations

This training helps prepare you to take the Microsoft tests needed to become certified. There are multiple testing areas that are covered during your associate degree training at VU. By passing any one of these certification exams you will become a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). As you continue through the IT Academy curriculum you will have a chance to also receive your Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certification. All of these certification exams can be taken right here on campus at our testing facility.

For more information about the Microsoft certifications:

For more information about the Computer Networking Specialist Program contact:

Michael Wehrman, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, MCT, A+, Net+, Security+
Assistant Professor of Electronics and Computer Networking
Phone: 812-888-5015
E-Mail Michael Wehrman