Our Stories

  1. Jamie Carie

    “Vincennes University was the perfect stepping stone from high school to a four-year university. I remember my Comp 101...

    Jamie Carie
  2. Ian Curry, '01

    "The training and education I received at Vincennes University helped me land a job as a designer for one of the leading...

    Ian Curry, '01
  3. Taja Graham, '91

    "I always knew I had a desire to be in media. Vincennes University is the only school that offered me hands on training my...

    Taja Graham, '91
  4. Audra Adams, '16

    "Coming to VU developed my sense of accomplishment and heightened my skill set. I was able to work with clients in my classes...

    Audra Adams, '16
    Graphic Designer at Priority Group
  5. Kristina Altstadt

    I always loved art. I never thought I would turn it into a career. Go out there and find something that you love.

    Kristina Altstadt
    Transfer Student, University of Southern Indiana, Graphic Design