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    You may have heard the quote, “communication is the key.” Communication skills are one of the most highly sought after skills...

    D'Lee Vieck, '15
    Vincennes University Project EXCEL Program Coordinator
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      "Coming to VU developed my sense of accomplishment and heightened my skill set. I was able to work with clients in my classes...

      Audra Adams, '16
      Graphic Designer at Priority Group
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        "I graduated from Vincennes University with my Associate's degree in Interior Design and transferred to IUPUI to complete...

        Dani Hunckler Beamon
        Kitchen and Bath Designer - Niehaus Inspire Design Center
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          “I chose VU because of the unique transfer opportunity to Purdue University for mechanical engineering. It gave me a direct...

          Henry Steckler, '17
          Purdue University transfer student - Mechanical Engineering
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            “The combination of Vincennes University’s staff, small class sizes, and extra resources helped prepare me for my transition...

            Dr. Devin Ice, '12
            Clinical Pharmacist
            1. My professors were dedicated to me...I just can't be thankful enough for everything they've done for me.

              Jake Rumsey, '18
              Developer at OFS, Huntingburg, IN
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                “I obtained my Associates in History from Vincennes University. While my time at VU was short, it has positively impacted...

                Robin Graber, '16
                Transfer student at IUPUI - Political Science, Economics, Global and International Studies
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                  So many people I spoke with who completed HIM programs elsewhere expressed their classes were not as detailed as some of...

                  Kathy Lengel, '18
                  Manager, Clinical Documentation Services at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, Lancaster, PA
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                    "After my two-year degree at Vincennes University, I decided to pursue my Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering at a four-year...

                    Sonia June
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                      Holly Bittner graduated from Vincennes University in May 2018 where she received her Associates of Science in Public Relations...

                      Holly Bittner
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                        “I previously attended VU for Surgical Technology and when I decided to come back to school for nursing; I didn’t even debate...

                        Kim Sandlin
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                          "I received the Grabbe-Utley Scholarship from VU while I was in high school. It is a scholarship that let me go to VU for...

                          Patricia Ochs
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                            "I discovered the Graphic Design Occupational program and was intrigued by the many options in career paths, particularly...

                            Jared Lee
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                              "VU graphic design professors gave me the one-on-one attention that I needed and the program was very helpful when I transferred...

                              Brandi Wagner
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                                "I choose VU for its degree program in Natural Resources and Environmental Science. Being a program that transfers directly...

                                Jake T Potter
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                                  "Since I transferred to Ball State for my BA in Geography with a concentration in meteorology and Geographic Information...

                                  Kyle Marsh
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                                    “I remember getting up as early as 5:00 a.m. to prepare and study for Professor Bardole’s quizzes. They were hard, and his...

                                    Dr. Susan Olesik
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                                      “Vincennes University prepared me very well for my graduate studies. My graduate course work consisted of many doctorate...

                                      Dr. Jared Gullet
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                                        "The training and education I received at Vincennes University helped me land a job as a designer for one of the leading...

                                        Ian Curry
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                                          "I transferred to VU after being unsatisfied with the degree that I was pursuing at another school. I have always been involved...

                                          Emily Kelly
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