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  1. Kathy Lengel, '18

    So many people I spoke with who completed HIM programs elsewhere expressed their classes were not as detailed as some of...

    Kathy Lengel, '18
  2. Sonia June

    "After my two-year degree at Vincennes University, I decided to pursue my Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering at a four-year...

    Sonia June
  3. Holly Bittner, '18

    Ms. Bittner touts that her degree in public relations and communication from Vincennes University has provided her valuable...

    Holly Bittner, '18
    University of Southern Indiana Transfer Student, BA, Communications and Advertising
  4. Patricia B. Ochs, NP-C

    "I received the Grabbe-Utley Scholarship from VU while I was in high school. It is a scholarship that let me go to VU for...

    Patricia B. Ochs, NP-C
  5. Brandi Wagner, '16

    "VU graphic design professors gave me the one-on-one attention that I needed and the program was very helpful when I transferred...

    Brandi Wagner, '16
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