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Lady Trailblazer freshman feeling at home inside P.E. Complex


VINCENNES, Ind. -- Reeva Hammelman is often the first Vincennes University Women’s Basketball player to take to the court on game days.

The same work ethic throughout her basketball career has helped her earn a starting spot in all 12 of the Lady ‘Blazer games this season as a freshman.

When it comes to arriving to the gym early, her family has followed suit.

Long before tipoff, Section C -- located in the lower bowl near midcourt of the P.E. Complex -- is nearly full, for every game.

Hammelman’s parents, Ramona and Randy, along with a twin sister, and three other younger siblings are usually the first fans to arrive.

There’s many more who help fill up Section C and cheer on Reeva.

“All my aunts and uncles are there and I have 28 little cousins who also are there every game too,” Reeva said of her fan club. “I love having them here.”

Hammelman admitted nerves hit her the first time she stepped out on the court before the Trailblazers opening game against Olive Harvey.

But they quickly went away.

“I have been playing basketball my whole life but it I was more nervous than I expected,” she said. “I think it was being before a college game for the first time. But once I started warming up and getting into a routine, it became normal. And seeing all my family there as well helped.”

The support system on game days, whether it be inside the P.E. Complex or on the road, also helps her after a tough game.

“No matter if we win or lose, they are always there and are very supportive,” she said. “And it’s not just at home games, a lot of them come to the away games as well. It’s nice knowing that if I have a bad shooting game, they are there to pick me up after the game.”

Hammelman grew up in Edwardsport, IN -- 18 miles from the VU campus. She is the only local player on the team, so it comes to no surprise she has the biggest group of fans every game.

But that still does not stop her teammates from giving her a hard time.

“They are all like, ‘there’s Reeva’s family again’, but they all love them too,” Hammelman said with a laugh. “They are from all over so they are not used to that many people. But they (teammates) all have become like a family to me and all of my family.”

Jaynice Stovall and Fess Hawkins have quickly become two favorites of the Hammelman fan club.

“They really like watching Jaynice play with the way she gets after it,” Reeva said of her family. “And all my little cousins really like Fess. She is just so huge compared to them. And they also like all our international players, they really like their accents.”

Trailblazers coach Harry Meeks mentioned he enjoys looking across the court and seeing all of Hammelman’s family in attendance as well.

“It’s quite enjoyable to see them all show up,” Meeks said. “They make a lot of noise and they are always interested in the game.

“She is a super person with an outstanding family and we are super proud that she is here. She is doing a great job for us and is an even better student.”

Through 12 games, Hammelman has averaged 10.3 points, 3.6 rebounds, 2.5 steals and 2.0 assists per game.

“She brings great enthusiasm to our team and is always working to get better,” Meeks said. “I have known her and her family for a long time as she came to a lot of our camps. We are glad she is here.”

Hammelman is studying Exercise Science with the plan of going into Physical Therapy.

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