Broadcast Journalism

The Broadcast Journalism Degree is designed to prepare students for producing news with an accurate creation and delivery of news content through media platforms including radio, TV, and digital formats.  Students will learn how to research, investigate, and create news content by developing skills in writing, interviewing, photography, and editing audio and video for on-air delivery.  


Associates Degree that Transfers (A.S. Transfer)

At Vincennes University, you have the ability to transfer many of your courses to four-year insitutions that provide a degree in Communication/Broadcasting/Journalism/Broadcasting Journalism.  The Broadcast Journalism A.S. Transfer Degree Track, prepares students that are interested in furtheing their education beyond a two-year program by providing additional English and Mathematics courses needed at many four-year instituions.

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Associates Degree Career/Technical (A.S.C.T)

The Broadcast Journalism Career/Technical Degree at Vincennes University prepares students that are interested in completing their two-year Associates Degree and enter the workforce.  Students graduating with a two-year Associates Career/Technical Degree from Vincennes University are prepared to enter many entry-level positions in broadcast journalism inlcuding news writing and producing for on-air and digital media.

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