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University Common Core (UCC) General Information

University Common Core (UCC) courses must give a critical thinking assessment through VU Blackboard. Below are the directions on how to setup the assignment and align the outcome to it. It is important to setup the critical thinking assignment correctly so that the assessment committee can retrieve the data.  If you need assistance at anytime, please feel free to contact us at the CTL. (Debbie - 888-5611 or (Curtis - 888-5750 or

Creating the Critical Thinking Assignment and Aligning UCC Outcome

Assignment Setup (These 2 steps are required in order for outcomes to work correctly) 1. Creating the Critcal Thinking Assignment  2. Align UCC Outcome.

Optional Tools for Assignments

SafeAssign: Is a tool in Blackboard that will check for direct copy content in assignments.

Grading Rubric (recommended): The grading rubric is technically not required in order for the assessment committee to retrieve data, however we strongly recommend you take the time to revise and use it as a grading rubric for your assignment.

Below are grading rubrics that you may use to create the grading rubric for your assignment. Import the zip into your Blackboard Rubrics then edit to add additional criteria.

    Artifacts and Data Collection

Assessment Presentation