Module - Building Classroom Community

Building Classroom Community

  • Develop a welcome video to discuss class structure, policies, format
  • Post an activity in Bb like a scavenger hunt in the course to help orient to the Bb site
  • Have students introduce themselves to the class on the Discussion Board
  • Balance “camera on” and “camera off” time in Zoom
  • Use the chat feature so that students can ask questions and actively monitor it
  • Schedule both synchronous and asynchronous online class time
  • Create a virtual environment that mirrors the F2F experience as closely as possible (class discussions, questions and answers, group work, student presentations)
  • Use the hand raise feature to keep students engaged in the conversation
  • Use the whiteboard feature in Bb collaborate
  • Try some Peer Review of virtual group work
  • Appoint class leaders to lead discussions in break out rooms if class size is larger
  • Play music during informal Q & A
  • Use the Share File feature in Collaborate