Module - Checking Your Grades

Checking Your Grades

The My Grades tool gives you a place where you can both review any of your course items that have been graded, as well as any upcoming items that will be due. If enabled, you can also view test attempts and see any feedback that may have been given on your submission from your instructor.

Accessing the My Grades Tool

Depending on how your instructor has designed the course menu, you will be able to access the My Grades tool in different ways:
  1. My Grades - This menu item will take you directly to the My Grades tool
  2. Tools - This menu item will take you the Course Tools page, and among the tools, "My Grades" will be listed.
Either of those options will take you to the same page.

(Course Tools page - My Grades circled)

(My Grades page)

On the My Grades Page, you have the ability to filter your Grades:
  1. 1 - View All Grade Center Items
  2. 2 - View All Graded Items
  3. 3 - View All Upcoming Items
  4. 4 - View All Submitted (not yet graded) Items
Clicking on the specific option will show only the selected items.

You can click on any completed items to be taken into your submitted/graded attempt:

While in your attempt, you can see your submission as well as any score, feedback, notes, etc... that your instructor has provided you.