Module - Journals, Wikis and Blogs

Journals, Wikis and Blogs

Journals, Wikis and Blogs are all commom course tools that may be utilized by your instructor within a Blackboard course site. While all of these tools provide a way for you to communicate with your instructor or other students, they each offer their own specific features.


Journals are a communication tool that allows you to communicate privately with your instructor. They are often used as a reflective tool that you can use to post opinions, ideas, concerns or overall thoughts on the course or a given subject. They can also be used to discuss and analyze course-related material

While journals are set to private by default, your instructor elect to make journal entries public. This would allow students to each other's journal entries. You can read what other students wrote and use those entries as a way build on those ideas.


A wiki is a communication tool that allows members of a Blackboard site to collaborate together on one or more pages of course-related materials. Once you instuctor has created a wiki topic, any member of the course can quickly add or edit content, and any additions, deletions or edit that are made to the wiki are tracked. This allows for flexible collaboration between all of the contributors of the wiki.

Both instructors and students can add comments to wiki topic. Instructors can assign and grade individual contributions to a wiki topic.