Mission and Goals Statement

The Center for Teaching and Learning promotes improved teaching and learning by encouraging and supporting efforts to explore the teaching and learning process. Such explorations include the advancement of pedagogical skills, instructional design, and the use of instructional technologies. The Center promotes and strives to demonstrate excellence in service to all members of the Vincennes University community.

The Center for Teaching and Learning envisions a university culture that values and encourages excellence in teaching and learning and enhances student engagement.

To fulfill this mission, the Center for Teaching and Learning:

  • cultivates passion for continuous learning and intellectual curiosity;
  • creates a forum for useful feedback to and reflective practice in the teaching/learning enterprise;
  • supports collegiality and collaboration among teachers and learners;
  • encourages instructional innovation as well as best practices in teaching, advising and learning;
  • supports faculty as they implement their ideas for improving students' learning;
  • brings pedagogical research to the attention of the university community;
  • offers course development assistance at any stage: planning, teaching, evaluating;
  • fosters instructional innovation;
  • advocates and recognizes teaching excellence;
  • demonstrates appropriate applications for infusing technology into the instructional process;
  • helps teachers and learners address current challenges;
  • serves as campus catalyst for instructional technological innovations; and
  • strives to foster an environment that honors learning and the learner.

To accomplish our mission we offer:

  • programs of short and semester long duration that are centered around the exploration and integration of pedagogical issues for teaching and learning;
  • a variety of print and technological resources to assist faculty improve, explore and integrate new technologies into the teaching and learning process; and
  • customized services focused on individualized needs.