Module - Proctorio Troubleshooting

Proctorio Troubleshooting

Important Reminders

  • You must be using Google Chrome (not Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.).
  • Proctorio does not work with Chromebooks.
  • Closing and restarting Chrome is a good first step for almost any issue.
  • Unanticipated issues will likely erupt the first (and second) time Proctorio is used. It is IMPORTANT to use Proctorio a couple of times on lower stakes (or extra credit) quizzes to practice and work through problems prior to giving a high stakes test.


Blackboard Integration and Instructor Set Up

  • Place the Proctorio Content Area Tool link, Secure Exam Proctor, in the highest Content Area page on your course menu as possible:

    • (click image to enlarge)
    • DO NOT place the link directly on your course menu.
    • DO NOT include more than one Secure Exam Proctor link in any course site.
  • Ensure students click on the exam link, not the tool link.


Learning Curve

  • Provide a couple of opportunities to use and test the system prior to giving a high stakes test or quiz.
  • Walk students through the process prior to test.
  • Be available to troubleshoot during exam time.
  • Be familiar with troubleshooting resources for faculty and students.


Installation Issues

  • Restart computer. NOTE—Restarting a computer with Deep Freeze will uninstall the extension needed for Proctorio.
  • Restart Chrome.


Connection Issues

  • Ensure reliable internet service/connection.
  • Ensure Proctorio extension has been downloaded and is allowed.
  • Restart Chrome.
  • Restart computer. NOTE—Restarting a computer with Deep Freeze will uninstall the extension needed for Proctorio.
  • Contact Proctorio.
  • Change settings to allow Proctorio to take over.
  • Remove and re-install Proctorio.


Password Issues


Microphone/Camera Issues

  • Ensure camera and microphone are working prior to accessing test. Assistance can be found here.
  • If Blackboard has been blocked from accessing camera or microphone, students may not be prompted for permission and need to manually allow it. Assistance can be found here.
  • Restart Chrome/computer. NOTE—Restarting a computer with Deep Freeze will uninstall the extension needed for Proctorio.


MacBook Issues

  • Change settings. Click here for assistance in giving permission for screen sharing.


Chromebook Issues

  • Change device—Proctorio will not work with Chromebooks.


Facial Recognition Issues

  • Remove glasses and/or pull down mask.


Accommodation Issues


  • Change the Proctorio Availability Exceptions for students who require use of Kurzweil.
  • Some students’ emails have a red exclamation point with a message that indicates they may need to log in with a different email or change their email.
    • This may occur if a student has changed the preferred email address/the email used to log into Blackboard. Student must re-authenticate with Proctorio or revert to using previous email.
    • This may also occur if a student has not previously taken an exam using Proctorio. Student must authenticate with Proctorio/make sure the software is installed.
  • Set up an alternate test for students using Kurzweil. Students can be proctored in the Academic Skills Center.
  • For Fall 2020: Office of Diverse Abilities (ODA) has contacted students with Kurzweil accommodation to allow them to take final exam in the Testing Center or to have additional extended time. The ODA will contact instructors with updated accommodation.


VPN Issues


General Troubleshooting

  • Make sure that cookies are enabled for all VINU sites:
    • In Chrome, go to Settings > Privacy and security > Cookies and other site data > Sites that can always use cookies. Click "Add", and in the "Site" text box, add the following, then click the "Add" button:
      • [*.]