Module - Student Engagement with the Instructor

Student Engagement with the Instructor

  • Make a short video in which you introduce yourself, tell them about why you like this (field, subject matter, course) and whatever else you might want to share
  • Open your Zoom session early to allow students to chat or ask a question not in front of the class. Let them know you will stick around after the Zoom session as well to answer questions
  • Send class agenda one week early to prompt discussion
  • Use RocketChat (embedded in Blackboard) or some other messaging system that allows students to contact you
  • Provide a “Homework Help Day” (vs “office hours”) via Zoom or Collaborate
  • Use interactive support software (Socrative, Survey Monkey, Plickers)
  • Consider giving a midterm course evaluation to get some feedback on how things are going
  • Follow up with students individually, especially those who are falling behind
  • Arrange 1 on 1 virtual meetings with students to discuss assignments
  • Make a habit of returning emails quickly
  • Make yourself available to your students