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Module - Taking Tests

Taking Tests on Blackboard

Your instructor may decide to use online tests to assess your knowledge and understanding of the material present in your course. In Blackboard, tests can be referred to by different names (Tests, Quizzes, Assessments, Exams, etc...). Tests can also be set up in a variety of ways, may include multiple question types, and can vary in length. Your instructor can include options such as setting time limits, giving multiple attempts, force completion and password protecting a test.

Accessing Tests

Your instructor will deploy tests to a content area in your course site. Depending on how your instructor as set up the course, tests may be located in a separate page ("Tests and Quizzes" menu item) or may be integrated in with its accompanying content (Chapter 1 test is located in Chapter 1 folder). Once you have located the area in which the test is deployed, click on the link to enter the test:

Once you click the test link, you will see the test Entry page. On this page, you will be shown any options that your instructor has set for the test (time limit, number of attempts, force completion, etc...). You would also enter the password here if your instructor has opted to password protect the exam. Click "Begin" to start the test:

Once the test attempt has started, you will be able to take the exam. Depending on the test settings, questions may be shown all at once or one question at a time. If your instructor has opted to use a timer, then that will be display on the test page as well. Once you have gone through and answered all of the questions on the test, click the "Save and Submit" button. This will submit your test attempt. Depending on the question types included and post-test settings your instructor has configured on the test, you may or may not be able to see your grade immediately. Some question types (such as Essay questions) will need to be manually viewed and graded by your instructor, while others (multiple choice, true/false, etc...) will automatically grade upon submission.

Multiple Test Attempts

If your instructor has enabled multiple test attempts, you may begin a new test attempt by going back to the area where the test was deployed and clicking on the test link again. Once you do this, you will be taken to an overview page showing the date and time of your last attempt. You will see buttons that allow you to return to the previous page, view all of your previous attempts, or start a new test attempt:

Click on the "Start New Submission" button to begin a new attempt. Depending on the settings of the test, the questions on the new attempt may be in a different order, or completely different, than your previous attempt.


Testing tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while taking tests on Blackboard:
  • Using Ethernet (a wired internet connection) over wireless (WiFi) will provide you with the most reliable connection to your test.
  • Taking your test on a computer/laptop device is recommended over a mobile/tablet device as those devices may not always be compatible.
  • Make sure that you are using a supported Internet browser that is up-to-date when taking tests on Blackboard.
  • Before you being, make sure that you have any additional required software or plugins installed.
  • Make sure that you know the time frame for your exam.  If unclear, contact your instructor.
  • Begin the exam as soon as you are able to, and give yourself plenty of time to finish it.