Module - Using SafeAssign

Understanding the SafeAssign Tool

SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention tool that is integrated into your Blackboard courses. Instructors have the option to use SafeAssign in order to help verify the originality of submitting assigments. SafeAssign compares assignment submissions against millions of documents contained in both Global and Institutional databases.

Submitting to SafeAssign

While the procedure for submitting to SafeAssign is very similar to submitting a regular assignment, there are a a few differences. If your instructor has enabled SafeAssign, you will see a statement before the Assignment Submission section. This statement provides you with information on how your submission is stored and used as part of SafeAssign. The other difference, which is located underneath the submission area, is a box that you will need to check that show you acknowledge the statement above, and agreee to have your submission sent to SafeAssing for the plagirism check.


View the Results of your SafeAssign Submission

After submitting a SafeAssignment, you can view percentage matched for your submission, as well as the SafeAssign report that details (as long as your instructor has enabled that option):
  1. Click on your overall match to expand out the SafeAssign panel.
  2. On the SafeAssign panel, click the "View Originality Report" to see the SafeAssign report that show your SafeAssign Originality Report. This will break down the text of your submission and show any matches and the source that it was matched to.

Information sourced from the Blackboard SafeAssign HELP page