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Biochemists study organisms at the molecular level in order to understand how they carry out life processes. The biochemist separates substances isolated from living cells and determines their chemical structures and properties. The Biochemistry curriculum offers a broad preparation in chemistry, biology, math and physics. Students build skills and experience in laboratory techniques specially suited for working with complex mixtures of sensitive biomolecules. Much emphasis is placed on using the tools of molecular biology to study problems related to the cell.
Career Opportunities
The Biochemistry major provides excellent preparation for a research career in any of the life sciences, as well as an excellent foundation for a career in human or animal medicine. For those students seeking employment after their baccalaureate degree, job opportunities include research technicians in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical or agricultural industries, in government laboratories or in universities.
Why VU?
 Vincennes University‚Äôs two-year Biochemistry program is designed to transfer to Indiana University or Purdue University for the completion of the baccalaureate degree. These first two years will help you build a solid foundation.
There are several advantages to starting your study at VU, among them are:

  • VU has a teaching philosophy; you can be assured that your classes and lab sections will be taught by qualified faculty members.
  • Class lecture sizes are usually fewer that 35 students
  • Classes are 18 or fewer students, which means easy access to laboratory equipment as well as your instructors.
  • Learning aids such as a study skills laboratory, computer lab, and free tutoring.
  • A personalized approach to teaching gives you a better opportunity to master the fundamental  principles that will carry you through your upper level classes

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