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The Education and Chemistry Departments offer a four-year degree in Secondary Science Education where students learn to be secondary chemistry instructors.  This program covers all four years of a Bachelor's Degree in Science Education, with the option for a two-year Associate's Degree included.  All graduates of the four-year program are licensed to teach chemistry in Indiana for grades 5-12.

2-year degree:  A.S., Education - Chemistry Concentration

4-year degree:  B.S., Secondary Science Education

Major       - Concentration

Education - Chemistry Concentration 4120, A.S.

Education  - Chemistry 4002, B.S.


VU Gets You into the Classroom

Understanding content is only one part of being a good chemistry teacher.  As a VU education major, you will spend a minimum of 60 hours in the classroom through a program called Initial Experiences in Education.  You will also gain hands-on experiences through your methods courses where you will spend 30 hours in a middle school science classroom (EDUC 431) and 30 hours in a high school science classroom (EDUC 432).  In each of these experiences you will be mentored by an experienced teacher in the field and will plan and teach a minimum of one lesson in each experience.

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