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Are you a people-person who enjoys working with your hands?  Would you like to work in a health profession while enjoying the perks of being your own boss, maybe even owning your own business?  Then a career in dentistry may be just right for you.


It is important that you select a major that includes the courses required for admission to the dental school of your choice. Vincennes University advisors will help you build a curriculum that will fit your interests and needs.
The courses in VU’s Pre-Dentistry program will transfer to all Indiana colleges and fill requirements in many majors, should you change your mind along the way.  The Indiana University School of Dentistry helped design this program. The number of VU graduates admitted to their dental school confirms their confidence in our faculty and curriculum.


To help assure you a successful future, VU also offers:

  • Smaller class sizes, usually fewer than 35 students, which means easier access to laboratory equipment and professors.
  • Classes and labs are conducted by qualified professors, not teaching assistants.
  • A better opportunity to master the fundamental principles that will carry you through your upper-level classes.
  • Free tutoring.
  • Study Skills Laboratory.
  • Caring faculty with a personal approach to teaching.

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