Pharmacy Technician Application



In order to apply for admission to the Pharmacy Technology Program, an applicant must first apply/be admitted to Vincennes University. Current Vincennes University students can email for directions on applying. Both new and continuing students will be required to submit a separate application packet to the Pharmacy Technology Program.

Once the applicant has been admitted to VU, they will be provided additional information on how to apply to the Pharmacy Technology Program.

Applicants should note the following: 

  • A secondary pharmacy technology application is required. Compliance with all admission criteria does not guarantee admission to the program. Application requirements may include: a completed pharmacy technician application, test scores (if applicable), and copies of college transcripts (if applicable). Applicants that will be transferring credits from other colleges will be required to have an official college transcript sent to Vincennes University. All transfer credits are determined by the VU Registrar’s Office, not the Pharmacy Technology Program. 
  • After initial acceptance to the University, all information will be communicated with applicants via email. Once a decision is made on the initial program application, the applicant will be notified of eligibility. Those selected for potential admission will be required to submit the following documentation as directed by the program to complete the admission process. 

  1. Required physical examination and immunization records.
  2. Satisfactory criminal history report by an approved vendor (information will be provided to applicants selected for admission. No applicants with previous convictions of drug related offenses, theft, violent crimes such as battery, and any felony convictions will not be admitted to the program. Applicants with other convictions or applicants that have current charges pending, will be asked to submit a letter of explanation, relevant court documents, and letters of reference to the Program. The documentation will be review by the Pharmacy Technology Admissions Committee to determine eligibility to the program. 
  3. Satisfactory drug screen provided by the approved vendor (information will be provided to applicants selected for admission). 
  4. Provide proof of CPR certification as directed.