Physical Therapist Assistant FAQ


Q: What is the admission process? 

A: Applications are accepted through the University Admissions Office. You may complete an application online at Upon acceptance to Vincennes University, you will be provided information on obtaining the Health Sciences application (PTA application). It is very important that you follow the directions in your Health Sciences application carefully. You will be responsible for obtaining required application materials and submitting a packet for evaluation. All communication from the PTA Program will be done via email. 

Q: What is the admission deadline?
A: Applications will be accepted via the Office of Admissions beginning October 1. We recommend that applicants start the application process early to ensure they receive full consideration. The PTA Program will send admission emails at various times throughout the year. Most applications will be reviewed between October and June. 

Q: How will I be notified of my status? 
A: All applicants will be notified of their status for the program. Applicants not meeting minimum requirements will be notified via email using the email address provided on the application. The email will state the rationale for the applicant’s ineligibility. Applicants that are offered positions in the program will be notified at various times between October and June. Please note that compliance with all admission criteria does not guarantee acceptance to the program. 

Q: How many students are accepted each year?
A: The PTA Program admits up to 24 students each Fall. 

Q: Do you use a waiting list for the program? 
A: A waiting list is established once the Program reaches maximum capacity. The waiting list will be utilized to fill positions if any cancellations are received or if any student fails to maintain admission criteria. If a student is placed on the waiting list and is not admitted, then that student must reapply to be considered for admission the next academic year. Not all applicants that meet minimum requirements that are not selected for admission will be placed on the waiting list. 

Q: What are the admission requirements?
A: Applicants should consult the current Vincennes University catalog for a complete listing of admission criteria and the program curriculum. Please note that different universities have different admission requirements (sometimes referred to as “pre-requisites”). Applicants should not assume that because they have met requirements at another institution that they have met requirements. Admission criteria can be found on our website at 

Q: What are my chances of being selected for admission?
A: The PTA Program cannot pre-determine an applicant’s “chances” of admission. Due to the high number of applicants for this program, admission is extremely competitive. Students must meet the requirements outlined in the Admissions Packet and submit all required documentation by the given deadline. All qualified students will be rated and the students receiving the highest scores will be accepted to the program. Some of the criteria used to rate the student includes, but is not limited to: test score results, grades for courses completed, and the cumulative GPA. Applicants with higher grade point averages that have completed required PTA courses, particularly Anatomy and Physiology I and II, with a grade of B or better will receive preference for admission. Applicants will be evaluated from a pool of applicants for the current year. If an applicant is not accepted for the Program, the following may be done to improve their academic qualifications:

  • Raise GPA
  • Complete Anatomy and Physiology I and II and other required PTA courses with a grade of B or better. Applicants may want to consider retaking courses in which they have earned a C in order to improve their qualifications.
  • Avoid having to retake a required course due to a grade of D/F. 

Q: Do I have to take the Accuplacer/Placement Test?
A: All applicants have to complete the Vincennes University Placement Test to determine current math, English, and reading placement. Applicants that receive transfer credit for English Composition and College Algebra or higher may be exempt. 

Q: Do I have to take Anatomy and Physiology prior to applying?
A: The PTA Program gives preference for admission to applicants that have completed Anatomy and Physiology I and II with a grade of B or better. Q: How long is the Program? A: The Program requires that students be enrolled for two years (five semesters). The summer session of the first year is a full time clinical (5 weeks). Regardless of transfer/ previously completed courses, the PTA Program is two years in length. Students cannot accelerate graduation from the Program. 

Q: Can I transfer courses from other universities? 
A: Although no actual PTA courses will transfer from other universities, you may be able to transfer general education courses such as English, Anatomy and Physiology, Math, etc. Official transcripts are reviewed by the Registrar’s Office. The PTA Program does not determine any transfer credits. An official copy of all transcripts must be sent to Vincennes University for evaluation. Many transfer courses are listed at We encourage you to visit their website regarding transfer courses. 

Q: Is the PTA Program accredited?
A: The PTA Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22134; (703) 684-2782 or (703) 706-3245, the accrediting body for PT and PTA Programs. 

Q: Where are the clinical sites located?
A: The PTA utilizes clinical agencies in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Florida. When assigning students to a clinical agency, we strive to keep the distance to a minimum; however students should expect to be assigned to any clinical agency. Some clinical agencies may be located more than 100 miles from their residence. We currently have clinical affiliation sites in the following locations: Indiana: Bedford, Bloomington, Columbus, Evansville, Huntingburg , Indianapolis, Jasper, Kokomo, Lafayette, Madison, Newburgh , Paoli, Princeton, Rockport, Seymour , St. Mary’s of the Woods, Terre Haute, Vincennes, Washington; Illinois: Olney, Mt. Carmel, Robinson; Kentucky: Owensboro. We also have a clinical education site located in Florida. Students are required to provide their own transportation, meals, and if necessary, housing during clinical.

Q: Can I arrange my own clinical site?
A: Clinical assignment is determined by the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE). If you are interested in attending clinical at a site that is not on the VU PTA clinical affiliation list, you should see the program director to inquire about arranging a clinical affiliation agreement with that site. Providing the agency meets the requirements of the PTA Program and are willing to sign an affiliation agreement, we are happy to work with students to obtain new agencies in which students can obtain their clinical education.

Q: What will my schedule be like?
A: Although individual schedules may vary, this is considered a full time program. Students should expect to be on campus 3-5 days a week. During clinical education, you will be attending a clinical agency five days per week for 40 hours, Monday through Friday.

Q: Do I have to have previous healthcare experience?
A: Applicants do not have to have previous health care experience. Volunteer hours/shadowing are no longer a requirement for the program; however, we strongly recommend that applicants arrange to shadow a physical therapist or a physical therapist assistant to gain some hands on observation in the field of physical therapy. Please realize that when shadowing a therapist, the therapist is volunteering and taking time out of their busy schedules to help you. Please be appreciative, courteous, and flexible when contacting a therapist/clinical agency to request a shadowing experience. Having shadowing experience does not impact an applicant’s application. 

Q: I still have questions. Who can I contact?
A: Please be sure to read the FAQ and review the current catalog for admission criteria prior to contacting the PTA Program. If you have additional questions, you may contact the PTA Program via email at