From a parent- "COPE made my son finally achieve academic success! What a wonderful program!"

From Sarah- "I enjoy COPE because everyone here is helpful and friendly. They help you understand your studies as well as make learning enjoyable. At COPE, you not only learn but also have lots of fun. COPE has helped me look into transfer options for other colleges, helped me with my assignments, as well as helped me to meet new people."

From Karen- "COPE is good because you have support and are not thrown to the wolves. Freshman and new students have a group to get help together."

From Maria- "I like the program and what it offers, and how accessible it is. It caters to the students really well."

From Alex- "COPE is very helpful. I would not get my homework done if it wasn't for them and I would have already flunked out."

"Thanks again! Couldn't survive college without COPE!"

"I recommend this program to any new upcoming VU student. Their program helped me out through tough classes."

"COPE is the one stop shop."

"They are a support system for homework and not having to go to individual counselors."

"They tell us about resources on campus."

"Some perks of the program are the open labs, free printing, financial aid help, advising, emails and texts for workshops and scholarships."

"It is a lifeline because students have and insider on campus that can help get things done."

"It is a group of encouraging people that are so nice. I've never had a bad experience. I love that they are flexible and positive."

"After a while, COPE feels like family."